Bonanza 2: Big Time Gaming Coming Soon ?

Big Time Gaming is a provider known for teasing new releases and giving clues on their social media. They also love responding to fans tweets and interacting with many casino streamers. Which is something other providers do not do. on 7th July, Big Time Gaming posted a tweet tagging some well know casino streamers, this tweet had an image with some artwork some may recognize. The image was from Bonanza, with text saying ‘Can anybody guess what’s getting announced in the few days?’. Which instantly got people talking of a potential ‘Bonanza 2’ release.

bonanza base game

History Of Bonanza 

Bonanza was originally released in 2016 and was the first slot to introduce the well-known slot mechanic ‘Megaways’. Bonanza is easily Big Time Gaming’s most successful slot release to date and is so popular in the casino community. Along with positive comments still years later. Bonanza’s bonus feature was what everyone wanted, due to the rarity of it dropping in. The potential on offer when you manage to activate this bonus feature. Due to the game’s popularity, a potential sequel could be Big Time Gaming’s next big successful slot.

What Could The Sequel Include?

If a bonanza sequel was coming I think it would have to include the original artwork and theme. The Danger High Voltage sequel (The Final Countdown) felt like a failure to me, as the artwork was not the same. Plus the sequel had no similarities to the original. The Bonanza sequel needs to play and feel the same to be a success in the casino community. But as it is a sequel there just needs to be some improvements in visuals and graphics so it looks more modern. Let us know in the comments what you would want in a Bonanza Sequel and check out our exclusive casino offers.



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