Post Published: April 23, 2019
Author: Aaron

Casumo And Leo Vegas At Fault Again

Well, it seems casinos don’t learn their lessons. I recently covered a story about Leo Vegas encouraging an addict to continue gambling, giving the now recovering addict 20k debt on his mother’s bank card. They assisted with regular marketing emails, despite account closures on Leo sister sites. While under investigation for this and with many fines from previous offences, another story has come out. Read on to find out more in our Casumo scandal.

What Happened

Now Casumo has been called out, another casino with many previous fines and offences.  A former accountant managed to rack up 125k on multiple credit cards, after gambling on both Casumo and Leo Vegas. She is now luckily receiving treatment after what happened.  She managed to lose 54k in one night but was allowed to gamble 380k on one site within one session. Nothing was flagged up after these losses.

casumo scandal

Another issue that should be flagged was she would cancel withdrawals to then replay with her winnings, this was on multiple occasions. Even after losing all this substantial money she was made a ‘VIP Customer’ and gave her ‘Free Spins’ because of this. Casumo offered free tickets to Wembley Arena, even though she had gambled over 125k and lost it all.


What Should Be Done

Both sites are at fault; nothing was flagged up after significant losses suddenly happening on the account. The Casumo scandal shows responsible gaming still has ways to go. Instead of offering free spins and sending promotional emails, the account should have been closed so much quicker, and changes need to be made. This needs to stop; these big casinos don’t seem to learn or care at this point. Multiple addicts lives have been ruined now, all because sites keep encouraging instead of closing accounts and flagging issues up quick enough. These companies need to improve and sort themselves, out instead of just accepting these fines. Both sites have a bad reputation now, and I hope people choose to stop using them. What are your thoughts?

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