So recently BTG’s newest release ‘Book of gods’ was a big failure, so enjoy Donuts (Big Time Gaming) Online Slot Review.

A lot of people had high hopes as all of their releases have been a huge success but ‘Book of gods’ just didn’t have good potential like all of their other releases. There was a buying feature for the bonus which is known with most of their new slot releases now but the payback would be so low compared to ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Extra Chili’.


When is it out?

But they are back with a new slot called ‘Donuts’ which is already released exclusively on Poker Stars.

This is being released on all other casino sites on the 4th of July. Some providers tend to release some of their slots exclusively to one site for a couple of weeks to get people excited and give them a chance to play the slot early. Or just because they made a deal with Poker Stars probably the second choice. Either way, after playing this slot myself I do have mixed thoughts about it. But now I am going to go through the slot and its features for you.

donuts base game

So the slot seems to have an American diner kind of theme with the artwork and symbol designs. The music is very fun and I feel like this slot looks very childlike which is very different for BTG but doesn’t mean it can’t be a great slot. It is a 4 reel by 4 rows which is a unique design from them but might worry people of the potential aspect. I feel the slot is a medium to high Volatility.

Symbols breakdown

donuts symbols


There are 6 low paying symbols of 9,10, J, Q, K, A in that order of lowest to highest, just typical low paying symbols we have all seen before. But the premium symbols are different donut with different frosting on top.  In order, it’s the green doughnut, Blue with stars, red striped and the premium is the purple one with yellow frosting extra.

There is, of course, a bonus symbol in the base game to unlock free spins. If you land 3 scatters you are rewarded 12 free spins. But if you get 4 scatters you get 20 free spins. 8 extra spins can really make a huge difference on this game. The wild symbol can only land on reels 2 and 4 which is very interesting.  The more wilds the better but with them only being active on 2 reels you might not be getting many base game big wins.


donuts wild and scatters

Base Game Features

donuts base game features

In the base, game boxes will randomly land on all reels. These boxes will increase your wins as they will contain a random donut symbol. But each will contain 2-4 of the symbol. Each donut in each box represents a multiplier. Essentially they act as symbol wilds. So a box of 4 is a 4x multiplier. You will just have to hope these boxes of mystery will line up with the right symbols to potentially win big. These extra multipliers could really help boost your balance but could just keep missing. Normal wilds can help connect these boxes up which helps out a lot in the base game.

Bonus Game

donuts bonus game

When you have landed over 3  scatters you will have a bonus countdown spins.  So the reels will spin but will only contain golden donut symbols with randomized multipliers between 1-50x. For each one, you collect you will add them all up at the end of the spins. After each spin that you land a multiplier, the spins will go back to 3. So if you have already used 2 spins but didn’t land any symbols, but then land on your last spin you will go back to 3 spins. When you have had 3 spins without a multiplier symbol the free spins will start with your multiplier added and applied to your free spins.

donuts bonus 2


The multiplier you have collected is applied to all wins in free spins. You can get an unlimited retrigger with 2,3 or 4 scatters.

2= 10 additional spins

3= 20 additional spins

4= so extra free spins

The retrigger is difficult to land but if you land the free spins it could pay insane.


I really like the theme of this slot I feel like it’s something different from BTG but with some good potential unlike ‘Book Of Gods’.   The base game features can help keep your balance boosted and can give some good big wins if you get a nice lineup and multiplier with a donut symbol. I like the bonus concept but feel like it’s really difficult to stack up a nice multiplier for the free spins.

But if you are lucky the bonus game could pay out insane. The only thing that is unusual is that the base game is 4 reels by 4 reels as this is something we haven’t seen before from BTG before but I do like the concept personally. Overall;

Gameplay- 4/5

Volatility- 3.5/5

Bonus Game- 3.5/5






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