ELK Studios Crusader Slot Reveal

ELK Studios has already launched 2 games in 2020. It seems the studio is aiming for one game release per month for the year. In January ‘Hit It Hard‘ was launched, part of the classic game series. In February ‘Micro Knights‘ was released, a grid game filled with exciting features. Now the provider is teasing their next game, with a teaser video on their youtube channel. The studio loves teasing their latest news and always creates impressive trailers to showcase their games. The next reveal is for the new game ‘Crusader‘, set to release March 17th across all sites.

The trailer video description states ‘In the year 1291, the last Crusader stronghold in the city of Acre is under heavy fire by the mighty Mamluks. Edward, I ordered all Crusaders to summon for one final stand’. The Crusades were religious wars in Europe and western Asia in 11th and the 17th centries. These wars were sometimes directed by catholic churches.

I am excited to see the visuals for this game, due to the action-packed theme is chosen. No details of features, statistics or even screenshots have been released yet. I am sure these details will be revealed closer to the release date. What are your initial thoughts on this game? Be sure to check out our exclusive casino offers.

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