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After the release of Street Magic, which is now one of my favorite go-to slots, as well as Iron Girl, which I did not enjoy as much, Play’n’Go is back with a new release already for players. The slot is already out on sites and is very fun to play. The slot in question is called ‘Gunslinger Reloaded’ and has three game features. Read on to find out more about the game in our Gunslinger Reloaded Slot Review.

gun base game

The game has some great artwork on symbols, a background very similar to Dead or Alive and some impressive RTP to top it off. The game has a jackpot feature which is unique. It also has free spins. The cherry on top is bounty hunt, which is a unique feature from the provider. All 3 have great potential.

Gunslinger Reload Slot Review Base Game Features

The first feature is the jackpot feature. To unlock this, you need to get a win with each poker card symbol. Your progress accumulates until you open this feature. You can get a win of 3 Aces, and it will light up on the top right and stay lit up even after dead spins. So this feature can be a bit of a grind, even though it’s just a win with each lower tier. The reward, however, is questionable. As you can see below, the wins can sometimes be disappointing.

gun slinger jackpot bonus

When you unlock the feature, you click a deck of cards. Afterward, an animation plays of the card being thrown up and being shot. Then an end screen with cards with bullet holes and different values (values will depend on bet size). When I played this feature, I typically got an end win of 10x-25x, so it didn’t seem to be worth the grind. You can, of course, win the jackpot. But the higher your stake the higher chance you have of winning this which I think is unfair to players. Then again, a jackpot is a jackpot. You won’t always get it.

The Bounty Hunt Feature

gunslinger wanted

The second feature is Bounty Hunt. This feature is unlocked in the base game if you land 3 wanted posters on any reels. There are three outlaws, and each has a different multiplier, 2x, 3x and 4x. The higher the multiplier you pick, the more significant the risk in the feature when it plays. I typically chose 3x as it is the mid-range pick.

bandit move

Then you get the choice of 3 bottles, then knifes, then dynamite in different animated scenes which all have different win values. For the finale, you have a 1v1 showdown and need to pick where to shoot your opponent. If you shoot your opponent, you get the multiplier first chosen but if you die you only get 1x multiplier. Your total win is shown at the end of the feature. I got usually 10x-50x on this and typically picked the 3x poster. Since the feature is not insanely robust to trigger, I thought it was OK!

Gunslinger Reloaded Slot Review Symbols

The below shows wins from a £1.25 stake.

gun symbols

For symbols, we have five lower-tier symbols, which are playing cards with different colored poker chips. Starts at 10’s for lowest and A for highest. For the more upper tier, we have themed symbols such as guns, gold nuggets, a white horse and a blonde girl. Also, a wild symbol which pays 500x if you land one on each reel. The white horse is classified as a scatter but does not unlock any feature in the slot. You do not need to line up this symbol for pays, and it can appear on any reel. So you need 2 or more horse symbols for a payout. There are also the wanted symbols which unlock the bounty hunt feature. The whiskey bottle scatters are for the bonus feature. There are a lot of symbols. This, of course, increases the chances of blocked paylines. While this can be frustrating, the slot is fun to play.

Gunslinger Reloaded Slot Review Bonus Feature

gunslinger bonus feature

To unlock this bonus, you need to land three whiskey bottle scatters. Afterwards, you must choose one of the 3 to shoot to reveal free spins. You typically get 10-20 spins but can retrigger during free spins. The only thing different in the free spins is all wins are multiplied by 2x, and you can still land the bounty hunt feature.

Gunslinger Reloaded Slot Review Conclusion

Overall I like this slot; I can see the potential in all of the features and even the base game. One thing that could have been changed is the number of symbols as scatters block any pay lines half the time, which is quite annoying. The features are unique, but the free spins are basic and could have more to them. I would say medium to high volatility for this game and Play’n’Go did a good job overall. This game is available on sites to play for yourself. I can recommend Playgrand Casino, as you can take advantage of my exclusive offer there. Thanks a lot for reading our Gunslinger Reloaded Slot Review.

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