Is Big Time Gaming Collaborating With Tesla?

Big Time Gaming has started releasing a trail of clues on their twitter, for something big. The provider released their first clue July 7th, which showcased a snippet of ‘Bonanza’ artwork. I reported on this as it seemed the provider was teasing a possible ‘Bonanza 2′ release coming soon. Big Time Gaming has said big news incoming when dropping the second clue. which has got the casino community talking even more now. Now everyone has been trying to figure out what these two clues could mean. Could Big Time Gaming Be Collaborating With Tesla?

Big Time Gaming Second Clue

Big Time Gaming Clue At first glance, you notice the Bonanza artwork from the first clue. But now we can see this image is on a screen inside a car, due to seeing leather from a car seat. There is also a screen central in this car which is playing a Bonanza Bonus. This is inside a Tesla, which is a well known electrical car and owner of this company is Elon Musk. Teslas start at $35,000 – $145,000 depending on which model. Seeing Bonanza played on a smart screen in a Tesla has got everyone talking and many different ideas have been shared in the community. Could you now play Big Time Gaming slots on car smart screens? Is Big Time Gaming giving away a Tesla with their slots playable on the screen? Or could Big Time Gaming be collaborating with Tesla?

There are many unanswered questions right now but I am hoping BTG will reveal clue 3 very soon on their twitter. I really hope all of these clues add up to a ‘Bonanza 2’ release coming soon or even a new exciting release by the provider. I really love that Big Time Gaming interact with the community so much and love their sneak peeks. They get everyone excited and the community talking. What do you think Big Time Gamings big announcement is?

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