Post Published: April 15, 2019
Author: Aaron

Leovegas Scandal: Encourages Addict To Gamble Over £20,000

LeoVegas has been caught out once again on another scandal. First, they were fined by the UK Gambling Regulator because they failed to meet standards. Which gave them a hefty £600,000 fine, but that sum of money is nothing to such a big corporation. Now they have re-offended and but instead of fines, they are under investigation by The Gambling Commission. They just don’t learn, do they? Find out more in our article about the LeoVegas scandal.

Their track record isn’t the best, which has given them a bad reputation with scandals. But their offense for investigation is just awful. So what happened?

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The LeoVegas Scandal: Trigger Of Investigation

A recovering Gambling addict had his Leo vegas account locked in 2018 by the company due to concerning communication in live chats. But this action only occurred after they received their 600k fine for accepting bets from addicts. After the account lock, LeoVegas sister casino sites still sent marketing emails daily with offers to the now recovering addict. Despite the account lock due to concerning communication. Then in 2019 January, the addict set up a new account months after his account lock. But on a new site, which is part of LeoVegas as a sister site. He used the same name and email to set up his new account but with his mum’s bank card.

He managed to gamble £20,000+ before the site even asked for verification. Then the account was locked due to the realization he was using someone else’s bank card. But he had already gambled away so much money! This should have been flagged and investigated so much quicker. What’s worse is even after another account closure and -£20,000 from gambling, the addict still received daily marketing emails from Leo Vegas sister sites!

What Should Have Been Done

The addict is now recovering with treatment luckily but can still face prosecution due to stealing his mother’s bank card. This incident is just awful, the casinos have messed up so badly if an account is blocked the first time do not send marketing emails from sister sites. Plus after losing big money why would you not flag this up and suspend the account quicker. Verification should be asked much quicker to prevent damage to addicts lives. Leo Vegas need to learn and sort themselves out after all the fines. Plus more marketing emails after losing 20k on a second account is just out awful.


I hope casinos learn from this instead of just accepting these fines, I hope the investigation punishes Leo Vegas and hope the addict is recovering well after all of this. What’s your opinion on this?

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