New Quickspin Slots Announced: 3 Announcements

So I recently reviewed ‘Hall Of The Mountain King‘, which is Quickspins most recent slot release. The slot has great volatility, paired with stunning visuals and a well-known soundtrack. Quickspin needs more credit awarded to their art team, the artwork in all their slots are so unique and detailed. I also reviewed ‘Dragon Chase‘, which releases after Hall Of The Mountain King. So Quickspin has two slots ready to be released for May And June, but what’s next? Well, the next 3 new Quickspin slot releases have been revealed, but some do have a working title and are in early stages still. So looking at the release dates, Quickspin is aiming for one slot release a month. Which is not too many releases and I feel the right amount. We don’t want rushed titles, instead of more thought out ideas and more time to do final details to perfect games. Let’s get into the new games right away!

Prime Zone – July 9th

Prime Zone

So with a release date of July 9th, Prime Zone has a retro feel to it with classic casino graphics. Quickspin wanted this slot to appeal to old school casino players and wanted to offer something more special and unique. This slot has the classic 5 reels by 3-row setup, which includes 10 pay lines. There are exciting featured paired with the classic look, which includes Multiplier Wilds. These wilds can multiply wins by up to 5x. There’s also a free spins bonus, but you are able to pick the volatility with a pre-bonus picker. This is popping up more and more in slots, where players have more choice in features.  Then the final feature is a mystery free spin mode. This slot sounds very unique with great features and good volatility. I am excited to test this slot out in the future.

Sticky Bandits 2 (Working Title) – August 13th


So with a release date of August 13th, Sticky Bandits 2 has a western theme. This slot is a spin-off from previously released slot ‘Sticky Bandits’. The spin-off is said to be a new version but on steroids. With bigger and bolder visuals and features. Starting with a new addition to the bandit gang. All of the gang have their own premium symbols, these can be supersized up to 3×3, plus can stick to reels if hit in the free spins. Details are a work in progress for this slot, but I am excited to see what is created for this slot sequel.

Golden Wood – September 10th

So with a release date of September 10th, Golden Woos has an ancient woodland theme. This slot is based on Whittlewood Forest, which is a former medieval hunting ground in England. There is a character named ‘Tom’ who lives in this forest, he has an obsession with turning things to gold but hasn’t managed to succeed just yet. But his magic book has started to turn random objects around it into gold. Because this is out of control Tom’s animal friends are here to help. This includes half frog/half newt Crikey, Sir Whiskers the cat and Posh Owl Elanor from Oxford.

golden woods

The slot setup is 4×6 with 26 pay lines, there are many features including the magic book feature. This feature turns symbols into wilds. This slot is still in development so things can change, but I am very excited to test this slot out. Certainly, we’ll review it as soon as a playable release it out for review.

New Quickspin Slots: Exciting Or Not?

It’s definitely awesome to see the provider releasing lots of new games in such a short amount of time. It’s interesting that they can also keep up the variety and promote the players with what they want. Both higher volatility offerings for the hardcore casino community and simpler games for people who just want to have fun for a longer period of time. Regardless, if you want to enjoy the offerings, feel free to take a look at the sites offering their games on our website. That’s all for today. Be on the lookout for more new Quickspin slots.


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