Voodoo Gold Game Teaser – ELK Studios

ELK Studios has been on the rise in the casino industry for the past years. Thanks to successful titles ‘Ecuador Gold‘ and the sequel ‘Tahiti Gold‘. Which both showed ELK Studios is still providing unique ideas and implementing them into their new releases. I recently reviewed their newest release ‘Win Win‘, which is part of the classic slot series. Along with 4 other games in the series. I also reviewed ‘Respin Circus‘, which is a simple yet exciting game. Now ELK Studios has announced their next game, with a teaser trailer. Teaser trailers seem to be a popular method by the provider to showcase new slot titles, to the casino community. learn more about the Voodoo Gold Game Teaser.

voodoo base gameInformation About Voodoo Gold

In this teaser trailer there is no actual in game footage unfortunately. However we do learn more about what this game with be based on , for the set theme. Instead of actual gameplay there is a 1 minute animation set in a green swamp. Voodoo Dreams is based in the deep swamps of Louisiana and the main character is named Kane. Kane wants to explore the truth behind voodoo gold. The set release date is October 8th and this is the third release in the ELK Gold Series.

I do hope ELK studios continue on the path they are currently on. Releasing a new game once a month on average. Not reusing the same basic mechanics and art style. Thinking of new ideas outside the box. A review for Voodoo Gold will be coming soon and I will update on any new information when ELK studios release more. The release date for the next game after Voodoo Gold has also been mentioned. Ice Wolf will be released November 5th, no information has been released yet. Be sure to check out our exclusive casino offers and check back for new updates.

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