Post Published: June 18, 2023
Author: Chlo

Amouranth Joins Kick

Online content streaming has long enjoyed a period of popularity, with platforms like Twitch and YouTube dominating the scene. It’s only in recent years that significant competitors have begun to emerge, notably including Facebook and new emerging websites. Despite Twitch’s reign as the largest streaming platform, many creators have expressed a desire for changes that would benefit their work. Instead, Twitch’s actions have sparked dissatisfaction among top streamers. The 2022 launch of, while initially met with skepticism, offered a promise of what creators had been longing for, including a more equitable share of subscription revenue and creator programs. As high-profile streamers began moving their operations to Kick, their devoted audiences followed suit, a trend substantiated by the growing user statistics. The latest big move is that of Amouranth, who has now joined Kick.

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Amouranth, a notable American streamer and Onlyfans model, recently celebrated her seventh streaming anniversary, which coincided with her public announcement of the switch to Kick. Known for her content in the Just Chatting and Pool categories, she has built a faithful fan base over the years. She is currently making her streaming debut on Kick. The question now is, who will be the next streamer to make the leap to Kick? Be sure to check out our other News articles!