Post Published: July 28, 2023
Author: Chlo

Arcadem (The Neon Samurai Restoration) – Q&A

We recently had the chance to speak with Phillip Douglas, CPO and Co-Founder at Arcadem. With the recent announcement of their new game, The Neon Samurai Restoration, we were eager to delve into the details of the game and discuss the future plans for the company. Read on to see what was discussed in this The Neon Samurai Restoration Q&A ;

Tell us about Arcadem and how it started

Our company was founded by two friends with the intention of making quality games that players will love. We strive to build a great team that loves coming to work every day. Although it sounds cheesy and simplistic, it is true.

What inspired the release of Restoration?

Cpt Astrid releases Kawa and Paradox to defend the Citadel from the Badlanders, continuing the story of our Neon Samurai games series. It’s like a day release but with violent benefits.

This series is inspired by cult classics from the 80s/90s such as Total Recall, 5th Element, and Blade Runner. Video games and movies have recently revived this genre, so it was only natural for us to pay homage to it.

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How does Restoration stand out compared to your previous releases?

Restoration will benefit from the improvements we make to every single game, and the biggest improvement is our big win moments, as the animations drop in we’re sure players will love every big win.

What can we look forward to from Arcadem in 2023 and 2024?

With many games coming up in the next few months until Christmas, our team is working nonstop to get them out on time. Even though we’re a small team, we’re passionate about making games and giving the player something different to play.

With our new system, players will have the opportunity to gamble their bonuses to earn even higher rewards. This is something we are very excited about. We will add even more features in the coming year to offer our players more options on how to play our games.