Post Published: December 19, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Best Slots of 2018 I Have Reviewed This Year

Greetings everyone, hopefully, you’re having a festive Holiday season. Whether you’ve been good or naughty, it’s always a great time to look back on the recent calendar year. So let’s do just that: by checking out the best slots of 2018!

a jammin logo   1. Best Slots of 2018: Jammin Jars – Push Gaming

Jammin was released back in September, and it got the community talking. We had early previews for months, but the potential was not seen until you spun for yourself. With an RTP of 96.8%, Within days people were uploading some insane wins, some with a win of thousands more than their bet size.  The game became very popular as of the volatility seen, with the jars able to have an unlimited multiplier and when stacked wins can be multiplied by multiple jars it created some crazy hits, especially if you get strawberries. But there was some controversy when two streamers both hit identical win sequences live on stream, but this was cleared up by the provider.  This slot is crazy and deserves the top spot. I hope push gaming continue making unique volatile slots as it shows they are one of the underrated providers.

2.Primal Megaways – BluePrint primal logo

Primal Megaways was only released a month ago but has already left its mark in the community. I got to try this game out before release and enjoyed playing it. It is action packed with an RTP of 96.76%, megaways the best tool in slots and free spins. The free spins have some great multipliers and opportunities for retriggers. There are many videos of big wins in both base game and free spins.  Megaways are used a lot in slots, but Blueprint did a good job making this slot.

adonuts logo    3.Donuts – Big Time Gaming

Donuts was released back in July and was a big release for BTG. The game has some big volatility with an RTP of 96.54%, unlimited multiplier in the free spins and unique theme. When first playing I didn’t see the volatility, but after a grind in the base game some big wins tend to drop in with main purples if you are lucky. The bonus is difficult to land, but worth it with the unlimited multiplier, even one hit with over 20x can be a great hit.  Great wager slot and is one of BTGs best releases.

4.Dragon’s Fire – Red Tiger   adragon logo

Dragon’s Fire was released in back in August but was exclusive to one site for months. But was released on all the listed sites not too long ago. It is Red Tigers most volatile slot to date with an RTP of 96.07%, unlimited free spins and a multiplier of up to 50x. The slot has some very detailed graphics and is unique. There are some mega win videos uploaded on YouTube, and I think red tiger did a great job making this slot. They have improved a lot in their skills, and I am excited about their future releases.

best slots of 2018 rocket fellas   5.Rocket Fellas Inc – ThunderKick

Rocket Fellas was released a month ago, ThunderKick does not release as often as other providers, but I always look forward to them all. The bonus is difficult to land but is definitely worth the grind. The rocket wilds add to the slots volatility, especially the sticky ones in the free spins. The slots theme is my absolute favorite, the music and graphics are fun and unique. I have played this slot a lot and have had some nice wins in the base game. But the free spins have been brutal to me if you do not get the rockets to land the bonus is a fail, this is why this slot is lower down. Thunderkick is a unique provider, and I can’t wait for their next release. You can play this game now by using one of our exclusive offers here.

Do you agree with my picks? Let me know in the comments below! These are all great slots, but they make the make list of the best slots of 2018? If you want to voice your comments out loud, feel free to drop my Twitch stream as well!