Post Published: July 1, 2019
Author: Aaron

Betfred Refuse To Pay £189,000 After Printing Error On Betting Slip

Betfred is in hot water after a big story broke out in the news, but this isn’t the first time the casino has been in the news for drama. Back in November, I reported on a story which involved Betfred, the casino refused to pay out 1.7 Million due to a software glitch. Betfred did not handle the situation well and the casino was disliked by a lot of players after the story blew up. But they have been mentioned again in recent news and again not paying out winnings. David Smith from Loughborough was refused his £189,000 winnings, due to a mistake in writing a six-horse accumulator which included ‘Bailarico’. Who actually finished 3rd place rather than ‘Bialco’ which is a winner.

Betfred Horse Racing

Despite this error, David walked away with £23,000 thanks to his wise choices on his accumulator. But he does think Betfred should have paid him £189,000. So will be taking his case to IBAS UK (the Independent Betting Adjudication Service). Where he hopes to receive his £189,000 and an extra £90,000 in the payout.

Betfred has had two big drama stories now regarding big payouts. So you would hope they would handle this second situation better. But instead, David is having to take his case further due to only being offered £23,000. Let’s hope Betfred have no more issues or software issues. There have been big scandal stories for many casinos now which resulted in big hefty fines for some. Casinos really need to make changes and do more work on security and especially in advertisements. There are many good casinos out there which have had no issues, such as for example ‘Play OjO‘. Just make sure you choose a casino you trust and have knowledge about. As there as some sketchy new ones appearing too.