Post Published: April 4, 2019
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Big Time Gaming Charity: I Did It!

Chip here. Happy to say I won the Big Time Gaming charity competition which is fantastic news. Did not expect this one to happen, but here we are!

So I have donated the 5000 euro to “Little Comic Back Heroes”, which helps them a lot. They are a sign as they give comic making kits to children in hospitals. Anything we can to do help children and make their lives a little happier is perfect in my book.

Now how can you win a 1000 euro buy on BTG’s Extra Chili? Everything’s explained below and it’s easy to understand, so read on.

big time gaming charity

Foolproof Guide for Wins & Giveaway

Think this sounds to be good to be true? Fortunately it’s not! Just be following here –`

Next week I will be doing 3 day time streams regular time of 9 am a start and two evening streams with an 8 pm start GMT. More Chip, more chances to win. You need to be active in the chat to have a chance to win. If you do win you get a 1000 euro to buy on Extra Chili. All on Chip’s house.

If you win you have the chance to gamble or collect, any winnings will be sent via bank transfer each day. There are 5 chances to win. All picked at random using a random generator provided by BTG themselves. It’s as simple as that. Massive thanks to BTG for this opportunity and I hope you will enjoy these streams.

The Wrap-Up

Remember guys, check out the website for Big Time Gaming. They have been doing wonders for the community, and their games are stellar. You can find a list of casinos where to play their games here. Big, big thank you to Nik and all the guys there.

That’s it for now, let’s hope some big wins are coming and check out my YouTube, where you can see this game in full power.