Post Published: November 3, 2022
Author: Chlo

Book of Charms Chipmonkz Q and A

We were lucky enough to speak to Robert Lee, Commercial Director at Realistic Games about their latest game release titled ‘Book Of Charms‘. We also get to learn all about what the studio has in the works for the upcoming months. The studio was founded in the year 2002, with a range of slots and table games available on a big range of popular casinos. What could be next from Realistic Games and the success behind the game with this Book of Charms Q and A!

Book of Charms, your most recent release, has received amazing critical and commercial success, can you tell us in your own words why you think this is?

I think it’s down to a variety of reasons. Firstly, the maths behind the scenes far outpaces many other titles of a similar design, not to mention that it boasts a life-changing 20,000x max win! And this amazing stat alone has been a big draw for players. Additionally, the slot has a focus on entertainment and engagement with this being represented best in the base game which has two different wilds that work concurrently to provide players with lots of big win potential.

On top of all these exciting elements, the bonus game provides two different free spin options for players to be awarded. These both work in different ways providing varying gameplay features and aesthetics that create an immersive title with huge replayability. The Pink Orb bonus awards a 3x multiplier to all wins gained and is prone to numerous retriggers during play. The Book bonus expands chosen symbols to completely fill reels and this further increases the game’s big win potential.
Unique to Book of Charms is that each bonus can be won during the bonus round of another meaning players will find themselves jumping from the Pink Orb bonus to the Book bonus and back again repeatedly, gathering wins as they do so.

Book of Charms Chipmonkz Q and A Bonus Casino Slots Bonus Wild Scatter Pink Orb Book

Is there any feature in particular that players have been drawn to?

There is a bit of a debate among slot enthusiasts as to which bonus players prefer and without wanting to affect any of your audience’s decisions, we’ll leave it to them to discover. However, it is worth noting that upon the Book bonus being won a random symbol is chosen to become expanding in the free spins round. The Pink Orb scatter required to unlock the Pink Orb bonus can be chosen as this symbol and upon three of these being landed, 165 free spins are awarded! Such an incredibly high amount of free spins with a 3x multiplier attached to any wins is a feature that we are incredibly proud of and one that we haven’t seen replicated outside of Book of Charms to this extent. Likewise, as with any other bonus in the game, it can be retriggered or the book bonus won whilst playing the free spins, meaning the 165 initially awarded is only the beginning of the bonus journey. If it’s excitement players are seeking, they need look no further than Book of Charm’s bonus rounds.

Book of Charms is a departure from some titles that players would commonly associate with Realistic Games was this a conscious decision?

We are an ever-evolving game provider that aims to be at the forefront of innovation within an equally changing industry. In order for us to push the boundaries of player expectations and deliver to them slots that are of the highest quality requires Realistic to be quite malleable to meet and exceed players’ needs. In the past, we have had a focus on creating titles which align more towards land-based casino games with traditional symbols and aesthetics. However, we are thoroughly enjoying creating gameplay elements that appeal to a more modern audience with our talented team of designers exploring revolutionary gameplay mechanics, as evident in Book of Charms and another standout title within our portfolio, Gorilla Riches.

Book of Charms Chipmonkz Q and A Bonus Casino Slots Bonus Wild Scatter Pink Orb Book

With the end of the year fast approaching, it seems a great time to ask what does the end of 2022 have in store for Realistic Games and the start of 2023?

Our game roadmap is looking really exciting, but I can only tease you with that at the moment as our designers put the finishing touches to what is sure to be another hit game in the near future. We are also expanding the growing list of casinos that host our titles so more players than ever can enjoy our games! On top of this, we are also looking forward to providing some of the industry’s biggest names with giveaways for their audiences to enjoy in streams and videos as we expand the Realistic Games footprint to be an even more prominent studio in 2023! We will of course love to return to discuss these exciting developments with you in the future.