Post Published: July 4, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Welcome to the Book of Ra Magic online slot review!

Most people that play slots know about the Book of Ra slot series. It is one of the most spun slot slots on online casino sites. Novomatic released the first one back in 2005. But there has been quite an expansion since the first debut. There are over nine slots in the series; you can see a dramatic difference in gameplay, design, and RTP. With there being so many new updated versions of the hit slot it keeps casino players going back to the games because they are all equally successful. Sit back and enjoy Book of Ra Magic online slot review.

Book of Ra Magic Online Slot Review Details

The new release is called ‘Book of Ra Magic’ which is now playable on all sites which have Novomatic slots available. The base game is the same as the last updated version, but there is a new bonus feature addition.

book of ra magic

Book of Ra Magic Online Slot Review Potential

The new addition reminds me of the ‘Magic Mirror’ bonus.

In the bonus game if you’re lucky enough to land a re-trigger, instead of being just rewarded ten additional free spins you will get another random expanding symbol too. If you manage to land over one retrigger this could pay a lot if you manage to get enough expansions. I feel like this new feature will give players balances a massive boost if you manage to get a re-trigger or two. The bonus is hard to land but seems to be worth it even more now.

I feel like the bonus is very difficult to land on this version of the game, but it can be worth the number of spins you use.

All these additions and reworks on Book of Ra have mad a big difference. The games are steadily improving gameplay for players, and it keeps the series going. Could we see even more releases from the Book of Ra series? Probably but let’s hope the improvements and versions stay impressive.

The new slot is out and available to play on all casino sites!

Book of Ra Magic Online Slot Review Video

Check out the bonus feature here and the huge potential with a big hit I got on this slot:

Gameplay- 5/5

Volatility- 4.5/5

Bonus game-4/5