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Bounty Hunters (Nolimit City) – Slot Review

Bounty Hunters Nolimit City Slot Review Online Slots Casino Bonus Volatile New
Bounty Hunters Nolimit City Slot Review Online Slots Casino Bonus Volatile New

Nolimit City, the renowned game provider, is reviving its fan-favourite slot theme, taking us once again into the exhilarating landscape of the Wild West, now featuring new volatile mechanics. At first glance, Bounty Hunters shares some elements with previous releases like Deadwood, offering a comforting familiarity for players.

The game backdrop beautifully showcases an expansive vista of mountains under a cloudy sky, lending a sense of depth. The background dynamically transforms according to the feature in play; it becomes the facade of a wooden house under the cloak of night for the Raid Spins, and a staircase within the house during the Showdown feature.

The visuals are remarkably striking, bearing similarities to past releases in stylistic terms. Symbol elements range from weaponry and distinct characters to low-paying wooden icons. Once again, Nolimit City has demonstrated its prowess in visual design with this gorgeous addition to the Wild West collection.

Bounty Hunters slot offers a traditional layout of 5 reels and 3 rows, consisting of 243 fixed pay lines. This high variance game boasts an RTP of 96.07%, with the potential for a maximum win capped at 52,310x. Betting ranges from £0.20 to £100.

Bounty Hunters Symbols & Pay Table

Bounty Hunters Nolimit City Slot Review Online Slots Casino Bonus Volatile New

The game features a total of 14 symbols, including 5 low-value ones represented by the 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols. Furthermore, 5 premium symbols are depicted by Bolas, Dynamite, Blades, Bullets, and Revolvers. Additional features include a regular Wild, a Scatter symbol, and a Bounty Hunter Wild. Both the Revolver and Wild symbols are the highest-paying symbols, offering 5x for 5 on a pay line. Scatter symbols can appear only on reels 2, 3, and 4, while Bonus symbols are limited to reels 1 and 5, though they may appear on the middle reels during the Mexican Standoff feature.

Bounty Hunters Features & Mechanics

Bounty Hunter Wild Mechanics

The Bounty Hunter Wild is a 3-row high Wild symbol that can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, always nudging to full visibility. This symbol nudges up or down until it completely covers the reel, with each nudge increasing the multiplier by 1. The total Bounty Hunter Wild multiplier is the sum of all individual multipliers.

The Few Dollars More Feature

Just like the Bounty Hunter Wild, the Few Dollars More feature is a 3-row high Wild symbol that appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, and nudges to complete visibility. It increases the multiplier by 1 with each nudge, with the total multiplier being the sum of all the individual multipliers.

The Mexican Standoff

The Mexican Standoff is triggered when bonus symbols appear on reels 1 and 5 on the same row. This event awards a respin for the row in question and deactivates the other rows. Bonus symbols turn into sticky Wilds and yield a 6x multiplier. Landing additional bonus symbols during the Mexican Standoff awards more respins and ensures that the symbols act as Wilds for subsequent respins, remaining sticky for the duration of the feature.

Bounty Hunters Nolimit City Slot Review Online Slots Casino Bonus Volatile New

Raid Spins

Raid Spins dynamically transform the reel area into a central 4×5 grid where thugs and bosses can land. The feature is further enhanced by tall 5-row reels on either side and a 4-row reel at the bottom. Each side reel and the bottom reel are graced by the presence of a Hunter.

This thrilling feature commences with an initial count of 3 spins. Every time a Thug or a Boss lands within the reel area, the spin count resets back to 3 spins.

The Role of Thugs

Thugs begin the game with initial coin values varying between 1 and 25. If a Hunter faces any Thug, the coin value of the Thug is collected, and the Thug is marked as defeated. If no Hunter is present, the Thug’s coin value is carried over to the next spin.

The Role of Hunters

Hunters come with multipliers that are capped at 12x. They collect coin values from Thugs and Bosses, which are then multiplied by the Hunter’s multiplier value, and added to the win multiplier. The Hunters on the left, right, and bottom collect the coin value from the Thug or Boss closest to them, either horizontally or vertically.

When a Hunter collects coin value, their multiplier increases by 1 for the subsequent spin. If the left or right Hunter does not collect in a spin, their multiplier value resets to 1. The bottom Hunter’s multiplier never resets.

The Role of Bosses

Bosses enter the scene with initial coin values ranging between 1 and 5. The upgrade order of the Bosses follows the sequence in which they land on the reels, progressing row by row and reel by reel.

Boss 1: This Boss collects and adds the coin values of all Thugs and Bosses to its own coin value during a spin.

Boss 2: This Boss contributes its coin value to the coin values of all Thugs during a spin.

Boss 3: For this Boss, a group of Thugs from the same category is chosen at random. Their coin values are multiplied by multipliers that start at 2x. For each selected Thug, this multiplier increases by 1x. Therefore, if three Thugs are selected, they will receive multipliers of 2x, 3x, and 4x in random order.

Bounty Hunters Nolimit City Slot Review Online Slots Casino Bonus Volatile New


During the Showdown, the reel area morphs into a 5×5 grid in the centre where thugs can land, along with the Hard Honcho Boss occupying the central position. Tall 5-row reels flank either side of this grid, and a 5-row reel sits at the bottom, each featuring a Hunter.

The Showdown spin starts with the Hard Honcho Boss encircled by 12 Thugs in a diamond formation. Of these Thugs, eight are directly surrounding the Boss, while the remaining four occupy the outer positions of the reel area.

The Showdown feature starts with 3 spins, just like the Raid Spins. The spin count resets back to 3 spins every time a Thug lands within the reel area.

Bounty Hunters Nolimit City Slot Review Online Slots Casino Bonus Volatile New

Nolimit Bonus Buy

  • xBet®: This option allows players to increase their odds of triggering different features at the cost of an extra 200%. It does not impact the payout for each symbol.

Mexican Standoff can be bought for 136 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €100.00.

Raid Spins can be bought for 100 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €100.00.

Showdown Spins can be bought for 850 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €100.00.

Lucky Draw can be bought for 175 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €100.00.


Bounty Hunters, an impressive release by Nolimit City, presents players with a plethora of exhilarating mechanics. The game boasts three primary features, a special Bounty Hunter Wild, and the option to purchase each bonus. While the game might initially seem complex, players can quickly grasp the nuances of each bonus feature. Among the offerings, the Showdown Spins stand out as the most coveted, boasting the highest volatility available. Be sure to try out the game for yourself and check out our exclusive casino offers.