Chipmonkz Leads Big Time Gaming Competition

Big Time Gaming Competition Background

Big Time Gaming recently announced their second competition on Twitter for streamers to compete against each other. This competition is to celebrate ‘Extra Chillis‘ 1 year anniversary.  This competition is even more significant than the previous Bonanza one, the prize this time around is €5,000 for the winners chosen charity and €5,000 for the streamers viewers. The €5,000 for the streamers viewers is actually 5 €1,000 Extra Chilli buys for 5 viewers, played on their stream and chosen at random. The fun aspect is you can either gamble or be safe and collect eight free spins to guarantee some money if you are selected, the best setup would be +4 when triggered on stream.

Who is leading the pack?

Currently, Chipmonkz is in the lead with a 2,019x win overtaking his previous big win of 700x, streamers and Chip have until April 4th to have the biggest win to win the competition on Extra Chillis anniversary date. With Chipmonkz on a big lead, the advantage is sure to check out his twitch where he will be giving away the five bonus buys if he manages to stay in the lead and win.

big time gaming competition 2000x

Chipmonkz manages to win the first Big Time Gaming competition by landing the biggest win on Bonanza. This won him €1,000 euros to a charity of his choice. He picked ‘Little Heros Comics’ a UK based charity distributing comic making kits to children. A great cause and the money helped the charity. But this time it is €5,000. It is a very generous amount of money from the provider and is a big help to small charities.

Big Time Gaming Competition: Innovators

It is excellent Big Time Gaming is providing these competitions, as it brings together the casino community and is something very unique. It is a real shame that other providers do not offer events like this. As well as money to charity and some to streamers & viewers. That amount of money isn’t a lot for big companies/providers, so why can’t they do events like this instead of jackpot events.

Let’s support charities and streamers which promote all of these providers by helping them give back to their audience. I am excited to see who ends up winning this fantastic competition. I want to say a big thank you to Big Time Gaming for offering the community something new and unique. Be sure to keep updated on Chipmonkz and Big Time Gaming’s twitter on the 4th April to see who wins.