Post Published: August 12, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Double Stacks Slot Review, NetEnt’s newest reskin or a big hit?

Double Stacks Slot Review

Well, NetEnt is already back with a promotional video for another new slot release. We recently reviewed their slot ‘Berry Burst’ which is set to release ’23rd August’ which seems to have some potential and some good gameplay. Also, swipe and Roll which takes you back to old school slots and is released 7th August. But their new slot ‘Double Stacks’ is set to release 24th September (which is my birthday). There has been a new release around once a month this year which seems like too many releases, especially to get all of them up to players high standards. Let’s hope it can pay!

double stacks

So the game has a bright neon effect to it and has some interesting sound effects. By interesting I mean they sound similar to BerryBurst. Also, the symbols are old school and are used in so many slots these days. This slot to me seems like a mix of berry burst and swipe and roll with the graphics, symbols, and volatility.  Which again shows NetEnt’s lack of creativity recently. It seems like they are just releasing as many slots as they can no matter what they are. This isn’t a good road to go down, what happened.


For symbols, we have 8 different symbols. There are 4 low lier symbols which are fruit related. watermelons, lemons, plums, and cherries. Nothing original really and straightforward. For the 4 higher tier symbols we have bells, Bar,7’s and Diamonds for the highest paying symbol.  There is also a wild symbol and a scatter for the free spins.

Free spins

For the free spins, you need 3, 4 or 5 scatters on any reels. You get 5 spins for 3 scatters, 15 spins for 4 or 30 free spins for 5 scatters. During spins, the 4 premium symbols will be stacked on all reels, but the lower tier will still appear on reels. Even the wilds appear stacked so these free spins have some serious potential. But if lower tier block pay lines it could be a dud depending how many spins you receive. You can get extra spins for scatters appearing during free spins. 2 scatters is 2 extra spins, 3 scatters is 5 spins, 4 scatters is 15 and 5 scatters is 30. So the free spins could pay if you got extra spins or just one good line up.

I think the visuals are good but feel they are copied from their other release  ‘BerryBurst’. The game seems like a reskin of ‘swipe and roll’ also but it does seem to have potential. But the slot seems like a good play for a balance boost. NetEnt is sticking with high volatility for their newest releases and announcements. NetEnt has gone downhill i feel compared to years ago with their endless big hit slots. I would say medium to high volatility for this slot. I am excited to try this slot out soon to see for myself.

Gameplay- 3/5

Volatility- 4/5

Bonus Game- 3.5/5