Post Published: March 4, 2024
Author: Chlo


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Dragon Hatch 2 represents an impressive debut from PG Soft, boasting an array of reel modifiers and the captivating centerpiece, the Dragon Queen Feature. With a medium volatility level and a maximum win limit of 2,500x, it stands as a stellar addition to the gaming landscape.

Dragon Hatch 2 (PG Soft) – Slot Review

Dragon Hatch 2 PG Soft Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Volatile

Nestled deep within the rugged mountains of Fulroya lies the secluded habitat of the East China Sea dragons, shrouded in mystery for over five centuries. However, the tranquility of their sanctuary is shattered when the revered dragon queen lays three eggs infused with enigmatic powers. The allure of these mystical eggs attracts the attention of relentless “dragon hunters” who covet the legendary dragon’s eye gem. According to ancient lore, unlocking the secrets of the dragon’s eye gem requires possession of these three eggs. To safeguard the eggs from falling into the wrong hands, the weakened dragon queen entrusts them to the wise dragon master for safekeeping.

The long-dreaded day of confrontation has dawned as the “dragon hunters” launch a relentless assault on the East China Sea dragons. In the fierce battle that ensues, the dragon queen is tragically petrified in stone, yet her precious eggs remain elusive to the invaders. Now, with the dragon queen’s fate hanging in the balance, the only hope of reviving her lies in recovering the elusive dragon’s eye gem. Can the resourceful dragon master harness the mysterious power of the three dragon eggs to break the seal imprisoning the dragon queen?

Above the reel set, three slumbering baby dragons rest in a basket, poised to awaken when triggered by reel modifiers. Below, a trove of treasures awaits discovery, including gleaming golden coins and precious gems in a myriad of hues. The backdrop surrounding the reel set resembles the interior of a cavern, devoid of life save for faint rays of sunlight filtering through the darkness. Vibrant symbols and captivating animations adorn the reels, immersing players in a world brimming with color and intrigue.

Dragon Hatch 2 features a grid layout of 5 reels by 5 rows, offering Cluster Pays for combinations of 4 or more matching symbols. With a medium variance, the game boasts an RTP of 96.76% and offers a maximum win capped at 2,500 times your bet. Players can place bets ranging from £0.10 to £200.

Dragon Hatch 2 Symbols & Pay Table

Dragon Hatch 2 PG Soft Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Volatile

In total, there are 9 symbols, including 4 low-paying symbols represented by Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, and Spades. Additionally, there are 3 premium symbols: Earth Baby Dragons, Water Baby Dragons, Fire Baby Dragons, and a red dragon’s eye. Alongside these regular symbols is a Wild Symbol, with the Dragon Eye premium offering the highest payout. Wilds can substitute for all other symbols.

Dragon Hatch 2 Features & Mechanics

Following a winning combination, the involved symbols are removed from the grid, causing remaining symbols to cascade down, while new symbols fall from the top. A Wild Symbol remains fixed in the middle of the reel set for each spin.

As winning symbols are collected, they contribute to the collection bar displayed above the reel set. Upon reaching certain thresholds, specific features are triggered during rounds with no winning combinations. These features include:

  • Earth Dragon (10 or more winning symbols): Removes all low-paying symbols from the reel set.
  • Water Dragon (30 or more winning symbols): Adds a randomly selected symbol vertically to the second column and another randomly chosen symbol vertically to the fourth column.
  • Fire Dragon (55 or more winning symbols): Adds a Wild symbol to random positions on reels 1, 2, 4, and 5.

Dragon Queen Feature: When 80 symbols are collected during the base game and no more winning combinations occur, the Dragon Queen Feature is triggered. In this feature, Wild Symbols are added to the four corners of the reel set and remain there until the feature concludes. Additionally, all low-paying symbols are transformed into premium symbols.


In summary, Dragon Hatch 2 offers a highly entertaining gameplay experience, largely attributed to its dynamic reel modifiers and the anticipation surrounding the Dragon Queen Feature. With a captivating core mechanic and an irresistible allure for players to trigger, PG Soft has undoubtedly succeeded in delivering an engaging sequel that promises hours of enjoyment. Be sure to try out this game on launch and check out our exclusive casino offers.