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So far this year Quickspin have been releasing some big hit slots. They have released ‘Pirates Charm’ and ‘Dwarfs gone wild’ recently and both show they have been improving in all categories. Both slots have been a huge success in the casino world and show what Quickspin can really produce. They are back again with a brand new slot called ‘Eastern Emeralds’ which has been released early. Initially, the release date was 10th July.


Eastern Emeralds (Quickspin) Online Slot Review

base game emralds

This game looks very unique from the studio and seems to have a lot of potential. Most of their older games seemed to have low volatility but this new game seems to have insane potential with the multipliers. The slot has a nice and simple design.

The background is an Asian themed slot in beautiful mountain scenery. The symbols definitely reflect the theme. I feel like after spinning under 10 spins I understood the slot’s features, what’s needed for a bonus and which symbols seem to be higher than others. This is good as new players to the slot will get a quick understanding as of the simple design and simple features.


eastern symbols

So we have 5 basic lower symbols of A, K, Q, J, and 10 highest to lowest. Very simple designs for the symbols to reflect on the theme. The premium symbols have a very detailed but simple design. Medallions, Trinket, golden turtle, Koi and dragon as the highest paying symbol. There is, of course, a scatter symbol which is a bird symbol, you will need to land this on reels 2,3 and 4 to get the free spins feature. There is also a wild symbol but these are also a base game feature which we will talk about more in detail.

Base game feature

easter multiplyers

Therefore in the base game, Wild will land on reels but, the wild will have a different multiplier value depending on which reel it lands on, because if a wild lands on reel 3 it will be an x3  wild. This will be different in the bonus free spins which we will explain more. I like this wild concept as the base game could pay insane with these extra multipliers landing.

Unfortunately, the wild cannot stack much as it is only usually one per reel, but it can still pay if you manage to get a full line with the x5 multiplier at the end. This is a very unique feature from quick spin and I feel like this will definitely boost your balance.

Free  Spins

eastern bonus

So to achieve the free spins you need the scatter symbol to land on reels2,3 and 4. In this bonus, you are able to choose from 4 different options. These vary how many free spins and different multipliers. The less the spins the bigger the multiplier and more spins mean lower multipliers which is very common in these option bonuses.

So the multipliers will only be on certain reels depending which one is chosen, very similar to the base game feature. so;

6 free spins 5x-8x multipliers. Reel 1- 1x, Reel 2-5x, Reel 3-6x, Reel 4-7x, Reel 5-8x

9 free spins 4x-7x multipliers. Reel 1-1x, Reel 2-4x, Reel 3-5x, Reel 4-6x, Reel 5-7x

12 free spins 3x-6x multipliers. Reel 1-1x, Reel 2-3x, Reel 3-4x, Reel 4-5x, Reel 5-6x

15 free spins 2x-5x multipliers. Reel 1-1x, Reel 2-2x, Reel 3-3x, Reel 4-4x, Reel 5-5x

Moving on to the multipliers, they will only land on certain reels depending which free spins you pick will determine how high they will be. The 4 different option concept is very good for players as they can pick whichever option is more comfortable for them and their playstyle. I feel all the options have big potential and you could easily win big if you land some premiums and a decent multiplayer.

Therefore I really like the artwork, gameplay, and most importantly the theme of this slot.

It is a very simple concept so doesn’t take long to learn all the features and symbol values, unlike others.  The base game feature is simple yet it can pay very good and keep players balance topped up nicely. The bonus feature is very volatile as of the insane multipliers and I can see a lot of potential in all 4 picks. Quickspin has done a fantastic job on this new release.


Is Eastern Emeralds (Quickspin) Online Slot Review a fail or win?



Bonus Game-5/5


https://quickspin.com/slots/eastern-emeralds/ – Title picture