Post Published: July 15, 2024
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Eldritch Dungeon is a unique and highly creative release by Print Studios. With nothing else quite like it on the market, it offers a truly enjoyable gameplay experience. Volatile, distinct, and entertaining? Count me in!

Eldritch Dungeon (Print Studios) – Slot Review

Eldritch Dungeon Print Studios Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Volatile

Descend into the shadowy depths of Eldritch Dungeon, where ancient powers stir and formidable enemies await. Choose your ally—the wise Arcanist, the determined Ranger, or the frenzied Mauler—and prepare to confront the lurking horrors. The ultimate challenge lies in facing ‘The Old One.’

Eldritch Dungeon is not for the faint of heart; the monsters and enemies in the dark depths are unpredictable. The game’s background showcases the eerie dungeon with a green glow at the entrance for our mighty hero, complemented by stone architecture. The reel set is simplistic, featuring engraved stones and colorful gems representing the symbols. As you enter the Dungeon Battles, you must defeat a selection of enemies to advance to the next stage. Each battle takes place in a dark room with a green glow, enhancing the atmosphere. The animations are fantastic, and the concept is brilliant. Print Studios has truly delivered a unique creation with Eldritch Dungeon.

Eldritch Dungeon features an 8-reel by 8-row setup with Cluster Pays, activated by matching 5 or more symbols. This high variance slot offers a set RTP of 96.10% and a maximum win capped at 20,000x your stake. Betting ranges from £0.10 to £50.

Eldritch Dungeon Symbols & Pay Table

Eldritch Dungeon Print Studios Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Volatile

The game includes 10 symbols in total. Four low-paying symbols are represented by Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red engravings. Four premium symbols are represented by Purple, Blue, Green, and Red Gems. Additionally, there is a Wild Symbol and a Warrior Symbol, both of which substitute for all regular symbols. The highest paying symbol is the red gem premium, which pays 2x to 1,000x for 5 to 15+ symbols.

Eldritch Dungeon Features & Mechanics

Spectral Effects

  • Nightwing: Transforms 10 symbols into the same random symbol.
  • Elderwing: Transforms 19 symbols into the same random symbol.
  • Nightfang: Adds 4 Wilds at random positions.
  • Elderfang: Adds 10 Wilds at random positions.

Power Relics

Power Relics enhance the warrior’s abilities during the Dungeon Battle:

  • Relic of Vitality: Increases health.
  • Relic of Strength: Increases attack damage.
  • Relic of Fury: Some attacks deal significant damage.
  • Relic of Protection: Blocks some enemy attacks.


There are 3 companions, unlockable through gameplay, each assisting you on your journey:

  • Arcanist: Transforms 11 to 16 symbols into the same random symbol and removes adjacent symbols above and below.
  • Ranger: Transforms one line of 8 symbols into the same random symbol and removes adjacent symbols above and below.
  • Mauler: Transforms two areas of 2×2 symbols into the same random symbol, removing all surrounding symbols.

Dungeon Battle Attack

  • Gnaw Brute (4/5 Volatility): Instantly defeats a single enemy.
  • Wraiths (3/5 Volatility): Deals damage to a single enemy.
  • Elderkin (5/5 Volatility): Deals damage to all enemies.

Bonus Features

Eldritch Dungeon Print Studios Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Volatile

Dungeon Battle

The Dungeon Battle is triggered when the Wild Warrior reaches the exit position in the Base Game. In the first 8 battles, the warrior and the companion face one of three enemy types, each with different difficulty levels. Defeating an enemy of level 1, 2, or 3 awards 2, 4, or 6 Spectral Keys, respectively.

Power Relics increase the chances of winning battles, and uncollected relics may be awarded after winning a battle. In the 9th battle, the warrior alone faces The Old One. Defeating The Old One unlocks all grid positions in the Treasure Hall Spins, places a 4×4 coin in the center, and awards a 2x multiplier on the largest coin upon evaluation. The Dungeon Battle ends after losing 3 battles or defeating The Old One.

  • Portal Shard: Allows the defeated warrior to pass to the next enemy room in the dungeon battle. Two Portal Shards are guaranteed for each bonus.
  • Spectral Key: Unlocks one grid position in the Treasure Hall Spins.
Eldritch Dungeon Print Studios Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Volatile

Treasure Hall Spins

Treasure Hall Spins start directly after the Dungeon Battle on an 8×8 grid with 6 positions unlocked in the center. Each Spectral Key collected during the Dungeon Battle unlocks 1 additional position. Landing a Spectral Key symbol unlocks 2, 3, or 6 additional positions.

Eldritch Dungeon Print Studios Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Volatile

Three spins are awarded at the start, and the spin count resets whenever a coin or Spectral Key symbol lands. Coins merge into the largest possible square size. When no more spins remain, each coin pays according to the pay table, ending the feature.


Overall, Eldritch Dungeon is a unique and masterfully crafted game by Print Studios, standing out distinctly from anything else on the market. The visual aspects are impressive, featuring exceptional artwork and animations that create a fantastic gameplay experience. Mechanically, there’s a lot happening, with Dungeon Battles providing thrilling encounters and Treasure Hall Spins offering high volatility. This game is a must-play for all types of slot enthusiasts. Be sure to try out this game on launch and check out our exclusive casino offers.