ELK’S next two releases have been announced

ELK always like to spoil people with announcements, especially when its a good month before initial release. Which just gets players excited for the slots after many teases and more information being surfaced nearer the release date.

vegas diamonds

Firstly ELK has announced a slot called ‘Vegas Diamonds‘ which is set for release on all sites, November 6th. ELK has said its based in Vegas and has a triple wheel bonus game which sounds very interesting. what are your thoughts on their next release?

Second release and possibly the last for 2018 has also been announced. This slot is called ‘Valkyrie‘ and set for release ‘December 4th‘. We have a good wait for this game and not much information. But at least we have the release date to look forward to for some new action fro  ELK.

I am glad ELK is getting people excited for the end of the year and finally being consistent with slot releases. Let’s hope both games have good potential and pay well.