Post Published: June 19, 2019
Author: Aaron

Fake Money Casino Streamers

rocvknrolla video

Recently in the casino community, there has been a lot of drama. This is based around casino streamers and YouTubers allegedly using phony money in their content. This drama all started when streamer/youtube ‘RocknRolla‘ uploaded a video titled ‘GV #3 Info & Does DavoSlots Use Fake Money?‘. In this video, he expressed signs he noticed on streamer/Youtuber ‘DavoSlots‘ content. There were potential signs that could show he is using fake money. This has not been confirmed or denied yet and are just claims. RocknRolla expresses he will take the video down if DavoSlots shows his deposit and withdraw history to debunk his claims.

fake money casino streamers issue

Slots Scandal!

Even though this video was made about one individual, it got the community talking and doubting other casino streamers. So creators decided to prove to their audience they play with real money. They would make videos showing their deposits and withdrawals. Casino streamers such as Chipmonkzslots, Nickslots, and Craigslots all uploaded YouTube videos defending themselves and showing all the proof they can for their audience.

Some of the ways you can tell if someone could potentially using fake money:

  • The casino is not available in the streamers country (VPN use)
  • Not showing transaction history
  • Hiding comments or ignoring chat when people ask about withdrawals and deposits
  • Takes over a couple of minutes for the streamer to deposit while on stream (Real Money is quick, but credited funds take longer)

Conclusion About Fake Money Streamers

I am not accusing anyone of using fake money. Instead, I’m bringing awareness to this issue in the community in the hope it will all be resolved. It is excellent a prominent personality in the casino world spoke up on this issue. Even though it could have easily backfired on themselves as it is a sensitive topic. I hope all streamers use real money and do not use fake money to be misleading to their dedicated fan base. Also, playing on trustworthy casinos is also a good sign of a legitimate streamer.