Post Published: September 10, 2018
Author: Aaron


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Fire Siege Slot Review

Fire Siege Online Slot Review – So after NetEnt has been basically reskinning slots they have finally brought out something different. But just because it looks different doesn’t mean it will pay. What has happened to NetEnt?

The slot that has been announced is called ‘Fire Siege’ and is exclusive to Mr Smith Casino which I have never even heard of.

fire siege base#

This slot is one of the most confusing games I have ever played, but I will try my best to explain what is going on with its features and base game. So the base game consists of a very weird reel design in the shape of a crown, with 576 pay lines and a bet size from 0.20 to 200.  The slot to me has a medieval kind of theme/ design . with the symbols reflecting it and the sound effects used. The artwork is basic but the graphics are okay.


seiege symbols

There are 10 symbols excluding scatters and wilds. For the 5 lower tier symbols we have the classic 10, J, Q, K and A. For higher tier we have weapons, a knight (i think) and a dragon as the highest symbol. Then we have a wild symbol which substitutes all other symbols.


At the bottom of reels 2 3 and 4, here are’wild windows’ which will trigger 3 different base game features. One of the 3 features will activate when you land a wild on either 3 of the wild windows. You can activate all 3 if you are lucky. This is very confusing to a new player of the slot and it could have been much simpler.

  • Dragon’s breath– Expanding wild appears on reel 3 and changes all the symbols to wilds. Useless if you don’t line up with reels 1 and 2.
  • Archer Attack– Wilds will appear on random symbols, you can get 1-3 of them. Again not that many wilds so little chance of a win.
  • Trebuchet Assault– Instead of normal wilds you get 1-2 giant wilds that randomly appear on the reels, so the best feature out the 3 really.


Free Spins

You need to land 3 crown scatters on reels 1,3 and 5 which will activate the free spins. The number of spins you will receive will depend on where the scatter initially landed… For each scatter that lands at the top of the reel give 6 free spins but if they land anywhere else its only 3 spins for each. This is very strange and very unnecessary in the slot. There doesn’t seem to be any exclusive features in the free spins which means its just base game spins but free… So the free spins are not worth it.

siege extras

There’s another 2 bonus features which are not volatile just like the free spins. 2 scatters will give you either ‘Fire Free Spins’ or ‘Tower Coin Win’ which again are not necessary with the number of features already on the slot. The coin win is only 5 times your stake so pointless. Fire spins is just 3 free spins with nothing extra like the free spins.


So overall i hate this slot. It is the most confusing slot i have ever played. It is all over the place with all its pointless features and free spins which have nothing special to them. You would think with some features it would pay but it just doesn’t. Not even worth trying out. What the hell was NetEnt thinking when releasing this. Just sloppy.

GamePlay- 2-5


Free Spins-1/5

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