Post Published: April 1, 2019
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

FOBT Stake Reduction Now In Place

The day some people have been dreading has come upon us. In the United Kingdom last year, we were warned over new laws in place for both land-based and online casinos. This also included 3 big fines for sites Casumo, Videoslots, and Daub Alderney. This was due to poor security in place for sign-ups, deposits and self-exclusion issues. Because this was overlooked by the casinos they were fined some hefty sums by The Gambling Commission. Now instead of fines, it is new laws in place for land-based FOBT’s. FOBT are electronic slot machines which are mainly seen in casinos and betting shops in the UK. These machines can be used for slots, table games and other categories just like playing online but from a shop.

The FOBT Problem

On these machines, you could bet up to £100 a spin on slots, even higher on table games like roulette and blackjack which is allowed on most casinos just depends which table you are on and which provider the slot is by. Now the gambling commission is introducing new laws starting from 1st April to change the max stakes on these machines. Now the max bet on all slot, table games literally anything on these FOBT’s you can play has changed drastically. The max bet is now £2, this is per spin on slots, per hand on blackjack and per spin on roulette. This change is going to affect betting shops drastically, a max bet of £2, especially on table games, is going to ruin these FOBT’s.

Betting Shops Dying Down

I personally think betting shops will start closing down fast, table games are where most of their profit is made. These companies are fine on their online casinos but land-based ruined, people will just start playing online instead to save themselves the hassle if they like to bet over the new maximum stakes. It is a shame these laws have drastically changed but laws are constantly changing in the UK now thanks to the gambling commission.


What do you guys think about these new changes? Do you think betting shops will start closing or do you think people will accept these new changed on FOBTs. Instead of going to a betting shop, check out our exclusive offers. Remember to tune in on our stream for gambling without paying a cent. That’s all for now.