Post Published: September 14, 2023
Author: Chlo

Hacksaw Gaming (Chaos Crew 2) – Q&A

We recently had the chance to speak with Marcus Cordes, CEO at Hacksaw Gaming. With the recent announcement of their new game, Chaos Crew 2, we were eager to delve into the details of the game and discuss the future plans for the company. Read on to see what was discussed in this Chaos Crew 2 Q&A ;

Q. What inspired the release of Chaos Crew & Chaos Crew 2?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact inspiration behind Chaos Crew.

Let’s just say it was an amalgamation of various ideas – resulting in a slot unlike anything that had preceded it and one that really put us on the map.

It’s now been three years since Chaos Crew was released. Such was the game’s overwhelming success that it felt ripe for an upgrade.

In crafting Chaos Crew II, we strove to retain the series’ core DNA while injecting the follow-up with fresh ideas complemented by a slightly updated look, and we’re delighted with the final product.

Hacksaw Gaming Chaos Crew 2 Q&A Online Slots Casino New Bonus Exclusive News

Q. How does Chaos Crew 2 stand out compared to your previous releases?
Let’s start with the most obvious – Chaos Crew II offers our biggest max win ever at 20,000x the bet – double that of the original.

In addition, we’re introducing a couple of extras we feel could prove to be real game-changers. Besides the gritty theme and infectious soundtrack, Chaos Crew is largely celebrated for its epic bonus round, so we’ve tried to recapture that thrill in scaled-down form with the Epic Drop.

Granting players an instant taste of the bonus, the ‘Epic Drop’ may trigger randomly in the base game, shifting play for one spin to the bonus round where a minimum of five special symbols – multiplying Cranky Cats or adding Sketchy Skulls – can land. As before, the multiplier values above each reel are added together at the end and applied to the player’s stake to determine their payout.

Speaking of the game’s central characters, both also return as Sticky versions of themselves for the bonus action to help boost players’ win potential further. You’ll want to catch the Epic Sticky Cranky for as long as possible – which will multiply all 5 reels by up to 20x on each remaining spin.

Effectively offering players 3 for the price of 2 when purchased, our ‘Best of Bonus’ feature is truly ground-breaking. Available for both the regular and Super Bonus, the Best of Bonus gives players three shots at the feature, with each score displayed on a leaderboard to the left. The highest score from the three then gets applied to the player’s stake, additionally helping to offset the game’s 5/5 volatility rating.

We’ve worked hard to incorporate a range of added extras designed to delight fans of the original while also hoping to appeal to a newer audience that appreciates edgey, thrill-a-minute experiences.

Hacksaw Gaming Chaos Crew 2 Q&A Online Slots Casino New Bonus Exclusive News

Q. What is your next launch? what are the main aspects of this game that players can be excited for?

Next up on September 19th is the Dare2Win release of BLOCKS – a game that borrows its looks from 3D fan favorite CUBES, featuring relatively straightforward but fun gameplay – and the promise of instant wins!

In addition, we’ve a thrilling roadmap lined up catering to a broad spectrum of slot players between now and the end of 2023, with one or two surprises in store. Watch this space!

Q. What can we look forward to from Hacksaw Gaming in 2024?
We remain committed to disrupting and innovating one game at a time while staying true to our roots of providing exceptionally entertaining experiences.

2024 will also see us drive our strategy to penetrate regulated markets and continue to enhance our footing on the international stage.