Post Published: July 5, 2024
Author: Chlo

Immortal Romance 2 Q&A (Stormcraft Studios)

After a twelve-year hiatus, Games Global has unveiled the next instalment of the Immortal Romance™ series with Immortal Romance™ II, developed exclusively by Stormcraft Studios. This sequel masterfully blends nostalgia with fresh creativity, immersing players in a familiar yet enhanced love story between vampires and supernatural humans. The game features upgraded visuals, audio, and new elements. Terence Igesund, the Executive producer at Stormcraft Studios, highlights how the top-tier game development studio has once more adeptly met the evolving expectations of its audience.

How would you describe this new sequel to players who adore the original game?

Wow… straight out of the gates with a clanger of a question guys. I would like to start by saying thank you to all the adoring fans of our original game, who have contributed to transforming it into the undying classic that it is today!

It was without a doubt, a daunting challenge to design and deliver a sequel to one of the most popular and commercially successful online slot games of all time. I think it’s important to mention just how mindful we were from the start about finding that careful balance between the familiarity and nostalgia of the original… and the excitement that comes with exploring and understanding the features and mechanics of a new game. We created Immortal Romance™ II with longevity in mind and leaned into our core values of craftsmanship and entertainment, knowing that our player-centric approach would deliver an awesome user experience. We hope that players see and appreciate all the care and consideration that has gone into every aspect of this long awaited sequel and are open to falling in love all over again with our new creation.

Why so many years between the release of the original game and the sequel?

A sequel was always on the cards, we were just waiting for the right time. The plan was to wait for the original game’s popularity to begin to slide and then deliver an exciting sequel to rejuvenate the brand. Immortal Romance™ however lived up to its name and never really showed any signs of dying off. When the 10-year anniversary came round, I started getting more and more pressure from the business to prioritize the sequel, which motivated me to kick the project off officially.

Immortal Romance 2 Q&A Stormcraft Studios Online Slots Casino New Volatile Wild Desire

What made you decide to write 4 brand new songs for the bonus features, instead of keeping the original 4 songs?

I would think that the long awaited second season of Immortal Romance™ deserved its own original soundtrack, but we did choose to keep the original score for the base game background as well as the Wild Desire soundtrack, for nostalgia’s sake. It’s also important to note that the soundtrack is another vehicle for the game’s narrative, with the lyrics for each of the character’s songs filled with rich storytelling and evocative visual descriptions of the exciting next chapter in the Immortal series.

I am very pleased with how the new soundtrack turned out and am confident it will help connect players to the emotional aspect of the Immortal Romance™ narrative and further immerse them in the gaming experience. For example, Sarah’s song “Sacrifice” explores her feelings of guilt and remorse, while Michael and Troy’s songs similarly explore themes of betrayal and disillusionment. Amber’s song, on the other hand, is a commanding anthem of empowerment which we believe is sure to become a strong favourite.

If you don’t already know, the original soundtrack for Immortal Romance™ II has been added to Stormcraft’s Spotify account as well as all other major music streaming sites. You can also find the original Immortal Romance™ album there, as well as the Thunderstruck™ soundtracks, so go check it out.

Immortal Romance 2 Q&A Stormcraft Studios Online Slots Casino New Volatile Wild Desire

Who out of the 4 characters do you think has the most interesting back story?

Can I just say how much I love that you guys care enough about the narrative in the game to want to know more… therefore it would be my pleasure to unpack all of dark tales woven within into the mythology of the next season of Immortal Romance™ for you.

Even though 12 years may have passed since the original launched, only 3 weeks have passed in the world of Immortal. We find Sarah struggling with the dilemma of having achieved the most incredible scientific breakthrough of her career, but at the cost of her relationship with Michael, who has completely withdrawn from the world as he feels deeply betrayed and responsible for putting the woman he loves in mortal danger. Allowing Sarah to study his blood was the biggest mistake of his immortal existence. News of her discovery regarding the reversal of cellular degeneration will ultimately reach the Shadow Council who ensure all knowledge of the Night Tribes remain secret, by any means necessary.

Enter Troy, the wayward son of Michael, who in an attempt to gain his maker’s favour and prove his self-worth, joined the Shadow Council’s academy of assassins. In a wicked twist of fate, Troy’s first assignment turns out to be his maker’s mortal lover Sarah. All of these ominous events are made visible to Amber through her precognitive visions and dreams, and in a desperate attempt to save her best friend Sarah, she decides to cast the most powerful spell of protection passed down from the generations of lightworkers before her.

All of these dramatic storylines play out in the cinematic win animations as well as the lyrics of the game soundtrack, with the culmination of these narratives revealed in the sensational cliffhanger cinematic which plays after unlocking Immortality status at 5000 spins. Finally, coming back to your original question, the character whose narrative I am most excited about revealing in the future, is probably Troy.

Immortal Romance 2 Q&A Stormcraft Studios Online Slots Casino New Volatile Wild Desire

Is there the possibility of an Immortal Romance™ 3 in the future or a spin off game involving the characters?

Haha… the million dollar question. What I can say is that Immortal Romance™ II is the foundation upon which an exciting brand franchise is being built. The dark tales of love and intrigue will continue to be dramatically revealed in the future as the franchise grows and expands. This is the beginning of an exciting new era, so visit our Stormcraft Studio’s website, follow us on social media and Spotify as well as subscribe to our YouTube channels for all the breaking news and juicy updates.