Post Published: November 21, 2018
Author: Aaron


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Ivan and The Immortal King Slot Review – QuickSpin

Quickspin has surprised us recently with the quality of their games, including the excellent Big Bot Crew. Quickspin’s newest release is based on Ivan Tsarevich who is a fictional character. The character is one of the main heroes in Russian folklore and is usually a protagonist. His title is given to the sons of tsars and the character has movies based on his tales. The slot itself reminds me of their fairytale slots such as Goldilocks, Big Bad Wolf & Mirror Mirror. This is due to the detailed art style; bright colours used and unique characters. The slot is published on all sites 11th December. You can always check out the list of sites over at our website. Let’s find out more in our Ivan and The Immortal King slot review!

ivan and the immortal king base game

Ivan and the Immortal King Overview 

Your quest is to defeat Koschei the evil immortal king who clings to mountains of treasure, but to do so you need to destroy his life force which can be done in the games free spins. His life force is hidden in various objects such as a needle, an egg, a duck, a hare and a chest which can be seen on the left of the slot. He is defeated once you unlock the chest and break the needle. If you complete the quest, you seize all of his gold and get a possible big win. This adventure comes with an RTP of 96.29%, 20 pay lines and many fun features along the way.  Let’s talk about features the game has to offer.

Baba Yaga Surprise Feature 

Baba Yaga is an enigmatic witch that likes to show you when you are short of scatter symbols. She can help you on your journey but only if she’s in a good mood. When she appears on your screen, she will hide four symbols random adjacent symbols; these will then be replaced in one of two possible ways:

  1. One to three of the hidden symbols will be replaced with a bonus scatter. Or can progress the scatter symbol in free spins.
  2. All the hidden symbols will be replaced with the same symbol; this guarantees a big win.

Ivan And The Immortal King Symbols And Paytable

ivan symbols

The slot has five low paying symbols which are represented by different coloured gems with purple as the lowest and red as the highest. There are also five high paying symbols which are represented by dragons, wolves, a lady, the immortal king, and Ivan the hero. The hero and the wild symbols are the highest paying, achieving five overall reels pays 100x. The evil king is represented by two different symbols, in the free spins when you defeat him but have spins left he will be represented by the skeleton version instead but will still pay out the same which is a fun little add-on.  There is also a bonus scatter symbol, and a progressive scatter symbol.

Ivan And The Immortal King Free Spins

3 or more bonus scatter symbols trigger the free spins bonus. But the more scatters, the more spins, and the better multiplier is given:

  • 3 scatters = ten free spins at chest level (x1)
  • 4 scatters = 14 free spins at hare level (x2)
  • 5 scatters = 18 free spins at duck level (x3)

ivan bonus

During free spins you need three progress scatters to progress to the next multiplier level, for every multiplier increase you are awarded four extra free spins. There are six levels in total. The highest is 20x where you kill the evil king. This bonus is an elementary concept and has a lot of potential with the multipliers on the top levels. Landing 4 scatters gives a great advantage to the bonus. Baba Yaga is active in these spins, and she could be a great help to advance up the levels. When I tested this bonus, I typically got three scatters and leveled up to between 5-10x which is a good midrange multiplier.

Ivan And The Immortal King Conclusion

Overall, I enjoyed playing this slot. It has been a while since I played a slot I genuinely enjoyed, the intense music in the bonus and graphics hook you in. Quickspin did a great job making this slot. The potential is definitely in the free spins as progressing didn’t seem difficult, and Baba Yaga helps land big wins especially if you get to 10x. Quickspin isn’t known for significant potential but this game has changed my mind slightly, and I can see significant improvements from past releases. I hope the provider keeps going in the right direction. I recommend trying this slot for yourself on the 11th of December. Remember to drop by our Twitch stream and check out our exclusive offers on the website.

Gameplay – 4/5

Volatility – 4/5

Bonus Game – 4.5/5