Post Published: April 26, 2019
Author: Aaron

Lottery Bosses Refuse Payout £4 Million Jackpot As Winners Purchased The Winning Ticket With Stolen Bank Card

What Happened in the Lottery Bosses Refuse Payout Fiasco?

Camelot Group has denied 4 million lottery winnings to winning ticket holders. Lottery bosses refuse payout in this scenario! The Lottery company has denied this money due to the winning ticket being bought on a stolen Bank Card and after discoveries, the winners do not even have bank accounts. After Camelot questioned the pair they could not explain where the credit card they used to purchase their winning ticket came from. They also failed to provide details which made the situation more suspicious. Sounds familiar?

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What Was Found About The Winners

The pair had already started planning what to do with their new found money, they wanted to go on holidays and buy properties. But after celebrations by buying booze and going to restaurants. The money was denied and found out more information about these suspicious winners. It was found both men have appeared on ‘Bolton’s Most Wanted’ for various crimes. One of the men was jailed for burglary last year.

In 2016 Camelot Lottery Group was fined £3million by after paying out a £2.5million jackpot claim to someone with a ‘deliberately damaged ticket’. So its good to see they have learned from past similar experiences and situations.

Lottery Bosses Refuse Payout: Good or Bad?

So justice has been somewhat served by not paying out these big winnings to the winner after suspicious findings and even better Camelot did further investigations to find they are previous offenders. I think the 4 million winnings should go to the owner of the credit card that was stolen. This persons credit card was used to purchase this winning ticket and I believe the owner should get the winnings. I think this is fair instead of the money just being rolled over for the next draw. But no further comments have been made. What’s your opinion on this situation? Hover over to our Twitch stream to discuss this further!