Post Published: November 7, 2019
Author: Chlo

Man Dumped Moments Before He Wins Nearly $800,000

There is always a mixture of stories that surface in the casino industry. These stories are never the same and always have different reactions from the casino community. This year there have been a big number of hefty fines, thanks to the gambling commission cracking down. There have also big wins not paid out, due to various reasons and different amounts of money lost to gamblers. Also, some heart-breaking stories which I hope shed some light on various issues we face in the casino industry. However, now we have more of a humorous story to share with you today. This story has happened at the 2019 Melbourne Cup. Let’s learn how a man was dumped moments before he wins nearly $800,000.

What Happened

For those who don’t know, The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most famous horse racing event. This event first started in 1861, one big change over the years is the prize money gradually increasing. For 2019 the prize money is $8,000,000, this year the event starts on 5th November in Flemington. Many people attend this event every year, whether they win or lose it is a fun exciting event. However, one man was dumped moments before his bet paid out. The man placed a $10 bet on a final four.

He attended the event with a date, who he knew from high school. The woman eventually said ‘This is not gonna go anywhere’, then said she will catch the 5’O clock train home from the event. Then while in a restaurant after staying at the event he did not realize what had happened in the race he just watched. The man opened his account and started screaming when he saw all the numbers. He said to his date ‘You better get your train’, then spent the rest of the day spoiling people. He has said he will be keeping his job and buying a property on the gold coast. Such a crazy story to be shared, what are your thoughts on this story? Let us know and be sure to check out our exclusive casino offers.