Post Published: July 21, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Netent new max feature, so after so many complaints from players and so many new releases with no volatility they listened. NetEnt has just announced a new ‘MAX’ add-on. This max feature is a big improvement from NetEnt. Some of their games will now have a different version. So a normal version and a MAX version on sites. Strange that they didn’t just add the feature on the original games like some providers but still good news. NetEnt says the max version is for players that like bigger volatility games and bigger bet sizes. The first game to have a MAX version is ‘Berry Burst’ which is released 23rd August on all sites along with the MAX version.

berry burst base game

On the max version, you can win up to 6000X which is unheard of in NetEnt’s games. On the Max version, you win more compared to the normal version. So say you hit a full screen of wilds in the normal version if it’s on the max version you win double the amount which is crazy.

I feel its more appealing to play the MAX version compared to the normal version. I think they should have just added an extra bet feature instead of releasing. But a lot of people will be happy about this news. Now we need to wait and see which games will be next to have the MAX version.

With volatility comes the players, this really could be the way back to the top for Netent who have recently slipped away.

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