Post Published: June 15, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe



NetEnt announced back in January they have scored a deal in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment to launch a new slot based on the original Jumanji film.

The recent remake of the film came out in 2017 but the slot will have based on the original movie which came out in 1995. The slot is said to release on June 21st which is quite soon now. NetEnt have shown some in game footage at long last and the slot looks very interesting.

The design of the slot is very similar to the movie of course with the board going around the edge which you get to play on in the bonus game which we will talk about. The best symbol seems to be the Lion and the other animals following just below. In each corner there are different objects, each corner is where each in-game feature actually appears. You can see the Monkeys on the bottom left ready to start the Monkey Mayhem feature.

So, the base game has 4 different features that randomly activate when players are spinning which makes things a lot more interesting, these features can be very volatile in the base came so can keep players spinning.

The first feature is ‘Wild Stampede’, this feature consists of the game screen shaking then rhinos burst through the top left of the screen. As they run through then off the screen they leave wild symbols on the slot. When the Rhinos have disappeared, the slot continues to spin with the wilds sticky for this spin and you hope for some premiums to have a nice big win.

Next feature is the ‘Sticky Vines’ feature, a big flower will burst out of the cupboard in the top right after a random spin with a random win, the vines will then stick down the symbols for that spin and re-spin, if you manage to get another win it will then stick down that win and keep going until you get no more wins. It is not symbols adding on to a previous win.

Next feature is ‘Monsoon Wilds’, this is activated randomly, the screen turns very different, the screen goes darker and there is rain on the board around the slot. The crocodiles will jump up and land on a random reel, turning all symbols on that reel to wilds, then the spin continues for a potentially big win and back to the normal base game after that. I think this feature will have the most potential with how many wilds it can give the player.

The last feature is the ‘Monkey Mayhem’ feature, another random feature in the base game. After a spin the monkeys will begin to move in the bottom left and proceed to go under symbols and rearrange them all for a random line up win.

The bonus game is triggered by 3 scatters which are Jumanji boxes, when you activate the game you are given the choice of a token to choose, it doesn’t give anything extra that we know of at the moment just the players choice for the board. Then the player can roll the dice to go around the board. There are multipliers for your bet size which you can add up to a nice sum. There are also other symbols,

? Symbol spins and gives the player a random coin value or extra rolls.

Dice symbol gives extra rolls

Handprint symbols give 6 free spins in the base game but with the other special features occurring in every spin for a potentially big win.

After you have used all your rolls that is the end of the bonus game.

I think this game has a lot of potential with the base game, the extra features which are very interesting and volatile the bonus game is very unique and the dice feature is very interactive for players. I personally love the design and overall think NetEnt did a great job with making this slot so alike to the movie. I just want to play it now. In game footage from NetEnt: NetEnt Footage from YouTube Article from NetEnt announcing: NetEnt announcement