Post Published: November 17, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Nitro Circus Slot Review – Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil announced a deal giving them the rights to make a game based on Nitro Circus a while ago now, but the name did not seem familiar to me. Then I found out it is an American action sports collective led by Travis Pastrana, where he and his friends go on a tour around America performing stunts. It even has its television show! Please do not try any at home leave it to the professionals. But we will leave the betting to you guys, which you may do at one of our sites with an exclusive offer.

nitro base game

The slot itself has just been released on all sites. It features nitro free spins, nitro jump, and nitro blast. The slot will be based around the series, so of course, so the artwork is very colourful, the background has bikes going across the screen performing. We can also see ramps and a stage where the guys put on a show for the tour. The music is intense with a rock beat and screams of a crowd. The symbols also have some of the tour members faces.

Nitro Circus Slot Review Base Game 

The first feature is called Nitro Jump; it is triggered when all five nitro letters land on reels in one spin. You then get the chance to choose a vehicle which all have advantages and disadvantages:

  • Scooter – Tricks 4/5, Size 1/5 and Boost 1/5.
  • FMX – Tricks 1/5, Size 2/5 and Boost 3/5.
  • BMX – Tricks 2/5, Size 2/5 and Boost 2/5

The bonus game is three warm-up jumps, then a final jump. The three warm-ups are judges by judges with an award of 3-300 coins, but this varies on the tricks performed. You can also collect 0-6 extra features in these three spins; 25 coin prize, a speed boost for final jump, final jump multiplier, and vehicles. After the three warm-up jumps the final jump approaches, during the approach, you can add a boost which increases the landing multiplier. But this raises the chance of the rider crashing. But if a crash happens, you still get 25-100 coins, so you get nothing.

Vehicle Collection

nitro jump

The second feature is called Vehicle collection (your collection is on the left of the slot), collect five identical vehicle symbols to trigger the nitro jump bonus game but with the collected vehicle. You are given one free rocking horse when you open the game for the first time. All bikes have different characteristics just like the ones in the nitro jump by default. Bigger vehicles collect more items in mid air.

  • Bath Tub – Tricks 3/5, Size 2/5 and Boost 5/5
  • Reclining Sofa Chair – Tricks 2/5, Size 5/5 and Boost 3/5
  • Mini Car – Tricks 2/5, Size 3/5 and Boost 5/5
  • Rocking Horse – Tricks 5/5, Size 4/5 and Boost 1/5

Nitro Blast Mini-Game

The third feature is Nitro Blast Mini-Game, you need to land two nitro bomb symbols in the base game to activate this feature. You choose 1 out of 5 bombs to get a prize which can be;

  • Free Spins – 10-30 can be awarded
  • Nitro Wild – You go back to the base game, the symbols explode turning 2-9 symbols on reels into wilds.
  • Extra Free Spins – 1-3 but only in free spins feature
  • Free Spin Multiplier Increase the total free spin multiplier by 1-3, just in free spins feature
  • Add one vehicle to your collection – which is the worse to pick unless you only need one more then you get the feature out of it.

Nitro Circus Slot Review Symbols

nitro symbols

For the game’s symbols, there is only 3 lower tier which are different styles of helmets. Then for higher tier 4 different bikers from the nitro circus tour with different background colours. The highest symbol is the biker with the red background, he pays 50x over all reels. There is also a wild symbol and nitro bomb.

Nitro Circus Slot Review Free Spins

You need to land three nitro bomb symbols to trigger free spins; you also get the nitro blast mini-game with 1-3 picks this depends on how many scatters trigger the bonus. 3 scatters – 10 symbols + 1 feature pick, 4 scatters – 20 symbols + 2 feature picks and 5 scatters – 30 symbols + 3 feature picks.

Nitro Circus Slot Review Conclusion

Overall I think this slot can be confusing at first with all the features happening; the volatility feels low to medium for me when playing the base game and all the features on offer. I like the slot shows off Nitro circus especially with the unique features, just a shame they don’t pay much. Well-made slot, but just not enough volatility for me to play it again. Go check it out all good Yggdrasil casinos now.

Gameplay- 4/5

Volatility- 3/5

Bonus/ Features- 3/5