Post Published: December 11, 2018
Author: Aaron


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Two nuns accused of embezzling $500,000 to fund gambling trips

Over the pond in the United States Of America, specifically in Torrance, California, two longtime nuns at ‘St. James Catholic School’ are accused of stealing half a million dollars from the school. They stole the funds from tuition fees and even donations, which in my opinion is crazy. This story was trending on Twitter when first released and since then the school/church is not pursuing criminal charges because the nuns showed ‘remorse’ which is ridiculous. I think they should pay back every cent back to the poor school and repay the parents donations. They managed to get these funds by lying about the schools funding situation. Charges should be made, but they are set with their decision. This has outraged the parents of students at the school. Out of all the things, nuns accused of embezzlement is not something you hear too often.

nuns accused of embezzling

They used the stolen funds to fund their gambling trips to casinos and then lied about how they managed to afford all the tours. They said the money came from a wealthy relative and people seemed to believe it until now. This story is unique, and I would love to hear your opinions, do you think the nuns should be taken to court and repay all the money? Or do they deserve all charges to be dropped? Let me know in the comments or over on my Twitch stream.