Post Published: November 30, 2018
Author: Aaron


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Online Gambling Sites Fined In Recent Crackdown in Effective Safeguarding

Big news in the UK! The UK Gambling Commission (responsible for regulating gambling and supervising gaming laws) has recently been looking into online casino sites not having effective methods to prevent harm to customers and money laundering. This is a significant harm to customers information being safe. These sites should have more effective methods put in place. Of course, it not only affects safety but also harm prevention. Is this the first in a series of online gambling sites fined?

Online Gambling Sites Fined: A Shock

The Gambling Commission has fined three firms sofar with a total of 14m between them. The sites in question are a big shock to people in the casino community. The first is ‘Daub Alderney‘ fined £7.1m, the second is ‘Casumo‘ fined £5.85m, and the last is ‘Video Slots‘ being fined £1m. The sites might come at a shock to you but all failed the commission’s checks, unfortunately.

It was found in February VideoSlots failed to detect a fraudulent driving license in the automatic identify checking system and over £17,000 was deposited until the account was flagged by their system which is awful.  They did admit flaws in their systems and did take action to improve but has still taken a fine as of the mistakes.

online gambling sites fined videoslots

For Casumo in January, it was found the site failed to check customers details efficiently and monitor their accounts activity. Also, three customers accounts showed signs of addiction and gambling problems, but the site did not take any action. Casumo has said to improve its procedures, but it is too late to avoid a hefty fine.

Daub Alderney was found to have problems in monitoring systems for customers, but since the review, it has improved their issues but got the highest fine of £7.1m.


“I hope today’s announcement will make all online casino operators sit up and pay attention, as our investigations found that a large number of operators and their senior management were not meeting their obligations,” UKGC chief executive Neil McArthur said.

Personal Opinion

It is a shame these big sites do not have better procedures and better safeguarding. They have said to be improving, but this should have already been done. Customers need to feel safe as of the sensitive information provided to deposit to the site. As a regular casino player, this is slightly worrying. Especially coming from big brands such as Casumo.

What’s your opinion on this? Are we going to see more online gambling sites fined? Let me know in the comments or live on my Twitch stream.