Post Published: July 30, 2019
Author: Aaron

Operators Refuse To Reopen Casino Accounts When Exclusions End

Recently there has been a lot of “drama” in the casino industry. This includes the biggest casinos being fined. This is due to falling standards in safeguarding and anti-money laundering. This resulted in fines going into the millions and mandatory changes to be made. There have also been stories regarding unpaid jackpots. Due to either a malfunction or tickets being paid with stolen credit cards. Read on to learn about why operators are refusing account access.

The Big Problem With Operators

But now in the casino community, there have been talks about a recurring issue. Players who have taken a short break by using the popular self-exclusion tool Gamstop, have had many issues. The biggest is not being able to access their casino accounts after their exclusion has ended. Even after being removed from the register players could not access their accounts on any casinos. When talking to the casinos they state there is no way to reopen the account, because of the block gamstop puts on the account.

What Will Happen

Signing up with Gamstop will result in permanently deleting all of your existing casino accounts. This may be very good for some people. However, if you are only taking a short break it can be an issue for returning players. Since this issue has been brought to light I do hope gamstop addresses it. Then have a solution for short-time users of the tool. However, it is great for people who are struggling with the temptation of revisiting accounts after their exclusion.


There are many other self-exclusion tools available. But Gamstop seems to be the most effective which is available currently. Despite little problems flagging up with some casinos. Such as being able to still gamble while being on the register. This is a big problem, but these get flagged up. Then resolved ASAP with both Gamstop and the casino luckily. What’re your thoughts?