Post Published: February 18, 2023
Author: Chlo


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

ReefPop Slot Review – AvatarUX

Provider AvatarUX has been a roll with its latest launches, continuing to use its popular PopWins mechanic, which has been used in a long list of slots in all different ways. The last game I reviewed was LooneyPop, which has a jaw-dropping max win capped at 50,000x and a range of innovative mechanics. Including a Zap Reel and Free Spins feature with a Wacky Gamble Wheel. In today’s review, we are learning all about ‘ReefPop’, which is set to launch on the 10th of March.

ReefPop Slot Review AvatarUX Slots Casino Bonus Buy PopWins Free Spins Multiplier

Fun fact of the day, only 5% of the ocean in the entire world has been explored by humans. There are different layers of the sea; the most intriguing layers are below the Abyssopelagic Zone. Also known as the Dark Zone. We are staying within the Sunlight & Twilight Zone for this slot, displaying a beautiful Reef in the Great Blue Ocean. Showing off the different species and plants living in the reef. Low-paying symbols have seaweed wrapped around and other coloured coral. There is a range of different sea life creatures as premium symbols, each detailed and colourful. AvatarUX has done a fantastic job with this game, and the amount of detail is incredible.

ReefPop has a setup of 6 reels by 4 rows; this includes 8,192 to 524,288 pay lines. This slot is high variance with a set RTP of 96% and a max win capped at 10,000x. You can bet from £0.20 to £100.

ReefPop Symbols & Pay Table

ReefPop Slot Review AvatarUX Slots Casino Bonus Buy PopWins Free Spins Multiplier

There are 10 symbols in total; this includes 3 low-paying symbols. These are represented by Q, K and A. There are also 3 mid-tier symbols, these are represented by Squids, Pufferfish and Piranhas. Plus 4 premium symbols, these are represented by Red Sharks, Angler Fish, Octopus and Blue Sharks. The highest paying symbol is the Blue Shark premium, which pays 3x for 6 across a pay line.

Each winning symbol Pops and is replaced by 2 symbols, increasing the reel height. This process is repeated as long as there are more wins. Reels can be expanded up to 6 symbols high in the base game and 8 symbols during Free Spins.

Unlimited Free Spins

ReefPop Slot Review AvatarUX Slots Casino Bonus Buy PopWins Free Spins Multiplier

Increasing a reel’s height to 6 symbols high during a base game spin will trigger the Free Spins feature. Free Spins reels start at 4, 5 or 6 symbols tall and can increase up to 8 reels tall. Reel height does not fully reset between Free Spins, only resetting to the shortest reel height. With 3 Free Spins are awarded, which reset back to 3 when a win occurs.

ReefPop Slot Review AvatarUX Slots Casino Bonus Buy PopWins Free Spins Multiplier

Before playing Free Spins, there is a choice to gamble your feature using the Gamble Wheel for higher starting reels. Win the first gamble to increase to 5 and a second gamble to increase to 6. Losing the gamble will result in you returning to the base game and losing the feature. There are also 3 Bonus Buy options for this feature, 100x = Free Spins Gamble, 100x = Free Spins with a gamble on the wheel, win up to 93,312 pay lines. 400x = Free Spins With Max Ways.

There is a 1x Multiplier which does not reset between spins and increases by 1x on each spin. Golden Sharks Value is multiplied by the number of Golden Sharks on the reel set. Unlock all reels in the feature to raise the Golden Sharks Multiplier by 2x.


Overall, this slot includes the popular PopWins mechanic and so much more. Plus, a max win capped at 10,000x, a Free Spins feature and 3 Bonus Buy Options. There is a Multiplier within the Free Spins feature, increasing by 1x on each spin and a special Shark Multiplier. The visuals are incredible with the different colours and the artwork crafted. Be sure to try this game out on the launch and check out our exclusive casino offers.