Post Published: June 30, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Roshtein banned by YouTube

Casino streamer Roshtein has been banned by YouTube on Thursday.

He has joined the not so exclusive club of casino streamers banned by YouTube recently.

Many channels in the casino industry have fallen foul of YouTube’s trigger finger recently.

They still state this is a mistake and have reinstated many channels after lengthy amounts of downtime.

Popular channels such as casino daddy, let’s give it a spin Slotsfighter and David labowsky have also been affected by this.

The popular journalist Taylor Lorenz even covers the story at the Atlantic here

The only real word from YouTube is a tweet reply to Mims here stating they made a mistake

Many popular channels such as RocknRolla and nick slots seem to be refusing to go live on YouTube.

Due to fears, their channels could be next and who can blame them.

The whole casino streaming community do appear to be gripped with fear as at any time a channel which they have worked so hard to grow can be taken away.

There does not seem to be any fix available right now.

The algorithm changes youtube seem to have implemented are still causing havoc for many channels.

The biggest issue here seems to be YouTube’s lack of communication in regards to this matter,

Daily tweets also show that this is not reserved exclusively for the casino industry with many reports showing this has affected a myriad of other genres as well.

So can youtube fix the mess they have created ?

Watch this space for any updates as the story unfolds.