Post Published: October 3, 2023
Author: Chlo


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Space Donkey distinguishes itself remarkably from the contemporaries, asserting its individuality through its distinctive facets. Marrying retro pixel-style artwork with an extensive array of mechanics, it presents a bustling yet innovative gaming environment. While the game exudes an animated vibrancy, it simultaneously pioneers forward with its inventive approach, forging a unique path in the gaming world.

Space Donkey (Nolimit City) – Slot Review

Space Donkey Online Slots Volatile Free Spins Bonus Casino New

In a whimsical blend of genres, a seemingly species-confused Monkey receives an unexpected visit from the extraterrestrial, but this petite primate is not one to be probed without a skirmish. Space Donkey, in a defiant stance, retaliates with the most lethal arsenal available to Ape-Kind, vanquishing multitudes of aliens and accruing their enticing golden treasures in the process. A classic narrative with a twist! Visually, the game propels you into a nostalgic journey back to the era of retro gaming, utilizing pixel art and embedding video game-like gameplay within the slot mechanism. The game’s backdrop is set within an isolated island, adorned with a voluminous lake and encircled by towering hills blanketed with trees. Absent of a traditional reel set design and featuring a ship aloft the reels, the game background undergoes transformations as mini-features and the primary Bonus Features are activated. The entirety of the game exhibits a refreshing visual style for slot games, and the substantial effort invested into this launch is palpably evident.

Space Donkey unfolds a cosmic adventure across its 6 reels and 6 rows, encompassing a robust 46,656 pay lines. Operating under high variance with an RTP set at 96.07%, and capping the max win at a stellar 14,649x, betting ranges from a modest £0.20 to a high-rolling £200.

Space Donkey Symbols & Pay Table

Space Donkey Online Slots Volatile Free Spins Bonus Casino New

The game is populated with 14 symbols, divided into 6 low-paying symbols—9, 10, J, Q, K, and A—and 5 premium ones, which include Bullets, Pistols, Aliens, Planes, and the Space Donkey. Also enhancing the gameplay are special symbols: an Abduction Wild, a Chopper Symbol, and a Scatter Symbol. The Space Donkey premium symbol reigns supreme, rewarding 4x for 6 across a line. The Abduction Wild makes appearances on reels 2 – 6 in the main game.

Space Donkey Features & Mechanics

Abduction Wild

Should the Wild contribute to a win, it holds its position and enhances subsequent drops. It moves downward, abducting regular paying symbols while increasing its multiplier by one for each symbol removed, considering the multiplier as the number of symbols in that position.


Chopper symbols may grace reels 2-5 in the main game. Activating the Hellfire feature requires 3 or more Chopper symbols. Each Chopper symbol fires in an increasing number of directions, adding its multiplier to all Wild and regular paying symbols in its path.

Hide N’ Seek

Triggered by landing 3 Scatters, the Hide N’ Seek feature transforms Scatters into Traps in a 6×6 grid area. The gameplay includes turns displaying two values: ‘Direction’ and ‘Steps’, directing the Monkey’s movement around, and collecting chest values. The Monkey begins with 3 lives, ceasing its movement upon loss of life, with various symbols influencing the gameplay.

Space Donkey Online Slots Volatile Free Spins Bonus Casino New

Seek N’ Destroy

Acquiring 4 Scatters triggers Seek N’ Destroy, with each additional Scatter granting an extra Monkey shield. Set on a grid of 5×6, with aliens advancing towards the Monkey each turn, the Monkey jumps to a random row per turn, slaying Aliens and assaulting the Mothership. Aliens carry multipliers and various lives, with the feature ending either when the Monkey is out of lives or Monkeypendence Day is triggered.

Monkeypendence Day

When the Mothership or all Launcher tubes are decimated, the bonus round concludes, rewarding a random multiplier (5, 10, 15, 20) which multiplies the accumulated bonus win. Extra Monkey lives (beyond 1) convert to extra Monkey shields in Seek N’ Destroy.

Wins on the highest-paying symbol bestow a +1x multiplier on that symbol. Winning cascades on only the highest-paying symbol will not count towards turning the symbols to Wilds but only towards the multiplier increase.

Bonus Buy Options

Players have the option to directly purchase entry into various bonus features, with costs ranging from 100x to 272 times the base bet, though availability may vary in certain regulated markets. The Hide N’ Seek, Seek N’ Destroy, and Lucky Draw Features are available for purchase at 79x, 272x, and 143x the bet, respectively, up to a maximum possible bet of €200.00.


Upon initial engagement, “Space Donkey” can be notably overwhelming, attributable to its distinctive visual elements and a uniquely crafted gameplay experience. Nonetheless, as players delve deeper and spend more time exploring its universe, a gradual learning and appreciation for its mechanics unfold. The game incorporates a diverse array of mechanics, featuring two primary features along with a variety of special symbols, thereby offering a rich, multi-faceted playing experience. Without a doubt, “Space Donkey” warrants an explorative try for players seeking an uncharted gaming adventure! Good job Nolimit City. Be sure to try out the game for yourself and check out our exclusive casino offers.