Post Published: June 12, 2019
Author: Aaron

Spinfinity Man Slot Review – Betsoft

Betsoft is a provider I do not hear about much in the casino community, they do release many great slot titles, but there’s never any hype surrounding them on release. I previously reviewed ‘Viking Voyage,’ which I rated 3.5/5 overall. But Betsoft recently announced a new slot titled ‘Spinfinity Man,’ this slot is not currently available in the UK, but I was given a pre-release version to try it out. Let’s see how it fares and who knows, maybe one-day Betsoft slots will be available in the UK!

spinfinity man base game

First Glance

This slot is inspired by Superman, due to the main character being a superhero with a cape and there is an evil villain. There are also fan girls which Superman has a lot of in the old movies. This slot has exciting visuals. The background is well made with detailed artwork on the tall buildings and even the cars parked, which is a nice touch. The small animation on Spinfinity man, hovering on the left side of the slot is well made, and I love these little extra details as it shows the making of this game has not been rushed. The animations from symbol clusters and symbols dropping down do their job well and are not over the top, which is what I prefer.

The slot setup is a grid format of 7 reels by seven rows; there are no pay lines. Instead, you need clusters of 4+ symbols on this grid for wins to occur. Symbols part of these winning clusters will explode, and new symbols will drop down. The RTP is not stated but would guess around 96% RTP, I would say this game is medium variance, but I do not know the max win either which makes it hard to comment on the difference.

Spinfinity Man Slot Review Symbols & Paytable

Spinfinity Man Symbols

This slot has 11 symbols in total. This includes four low paying symbols. J, Q represent these, K And A. There are also four premium symbols, these are represented by blue crystals, purple crystals, orange crystals, and white rainbow reflect crystals. The highest paying symbol is the white rainbow reflect diamonds. The logo pays 9x for 8 in a cluster. There is a super wild symbol; these wilds create more significant groups by substituting for any paying symbol. The last two symbols are Spinfinity Man And Mr.X.

Spinfinity Man Slot Review Features

In the base game, you will benefit from ‘Spinfinity Super Powers,’ these are activated when a Spinfinity man symbol falls onto the grid. One of the five features can be randomly activated;

  • Laser Eye Beam – Burns away 2 rows of columns symbols.
  • Double Laser Eye Beam – Burns away 2 columns and rows symbols.
  • Icy Blast – Shatters a small cluster of symbols.
  • Double Icy Blast – Shatters a large cluster of symbols.
  • Telepathy – Removes an entire symbol from the grid.

The superpower combos from Spinfinity Man symbol landing, are great for the base game. Each of the 5 powers has beneficial effects for the grid. I think more than 3 mini features can be too much, but 2 are more capable versions of an original power which is unusual. These features boost the base game and make it more exciting to play.

Spinfinity Man Has Fan Girls?

Another base game feature is called ‘Fan Girl Fame,’ this is always active in the base game. Each symbol cluster win will get fangirls more excited, exploding 6 or more clusters in one spin will activate this feature. A random number of symbols will explode and award you instant wins in return. The fangirl fame feature I feel could have been skipped in this game and instead incorporate it into the base game mini-features. If there are too many features and too much going on it can put players off, since some prefer simple gameplay. The feature mechanic itself is good but could have been in the base game as a mini-feature power instead.

spinfinity man bonus

Central to this slot is the free spins feature. This is activated when the Mr.X villain trail is complete. When an Mr.X symbol lands on the grid, it will follow a Villian trail and then disappear. Completing this trail rewards the free spins feature. You will be awarded 10 free spins. Each Mr.X symbol collected will award an extra spin. All Spinfinity man symbols are now Mr.X symbols. During spins, you will benefit from the 5 different Spinfinity man features from the base game, but Mr.X will be in the animations. Activating the bonus feature is more unique compared to just waiting for scatter symbols to drop in. The villain trail to enable the bonus feature is more unique and more exciting for players. So that’s about it for our superhero slot.


Overall, this slot is entertaining to play and has some great unique qualities. The grid format is excellent and lets you take a break from the usual slot setups. The base game features keep things entertaining while you spin for Mr.X symbols. The bonus feature has excellent volatility and has the base game features to help assist for some great wins. This game is out now across a wide variety of casinos, but not in the UK unfortunately. A fun game overall!

Gameplay – 4/5

Volatility – 3/5

Bonus Feature – 4/5