Post Published: September 20, 2023
Author: Chlo


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

The Armory presents a groundbreaking experience, featuring captivating gameplay along with a distinctive Bulk Buying system. As an unconventional slot game, it commands attention and piques curiosity. – Chlo

The Armory (Arcadem) – Slot Review

The Armory Arcadem Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Bonus Volatile

Step into “The Armory,” your one-stop-shop for premier weaponry and armaments—available, of course, at a price. Engage in a thrilling face-off with Jak, the enigmatic owner, in a black market showdown where the victor claims all. As Jak likes to quip, “What’re ya buyin, what’re ya sellin?”

The game’s backdrop features a dilapidated building, gradually being reclaimed by nature with lush vegetation scaling its walls and towering trees looming above. To the right, you’ll find a meticulously curated arsenal, featuring AK-47s, assorted ammunition, and other valuable commodities. When you opt for Bulk Spins, Jak himself materializes between the reel sets, reloading his weapon while displaying either elation or frustration based on the outcome of the spins. Crafted ingeniously by Arcadem, the game masterfully integrates narrative elements into its visual design, resulting in an immersive and compelling gaming experience.

This high-variance slot offers a fixed RTP of 96% and a maximum win potential of 300x per individual spin or 3,500x when utilizing the bulk buy option. Betting ranges are set between £0.50 and £20.

The Armory Symbols & Pay Table

The Armory Arcadem Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Bonus Volatile

The Armory employs a unique configuration, featuring two independent 3×1 reel sets — one for the player and another for the computer-controlled opponent, Jack. The game boasts an extensive set of 30 symbols, each carrying a specific value. These values range from a minimal 0.02x up to a significant 100x. Winnings are determined based on the paytable, and each individual symbol contributes to the overall payout.

The Armory Features & Mechanics

For those who prefer accelerated gameplay, the Bulk Spins option is available. Players can select from an array of options, including 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, or 1,000 spins. These bulk spins function similarly to autospins, accumulating the total winnings above each player’s reel set and above Jack’s. At the conclusion of the Bulk Spins, the entity with the highest accumulated amount claims both totals. In the rare event of a tie, both players retain their respective total earnings. Otherwise, the principle of ‘winner takes all’ applies.

The Armory Arcadem Slot Review Online Slots Casino New Bonus Volatile


In summary, “The Armory” distinguishes itself within the gaming landscape through its inventive gameplay mechanics, particularly its unique setup and the inclusion of the Bulk Spins feature. While the innovative approach may polarize players—some will embrace the novelty while others may shy away from it—those who opt out of trying this new gameplay style are certainly missing out on a one-of-a-kind experience. Be sure to try out the game for yourself and check out our exclusive casino offers