Post Published: November 5, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

The Goonies Slot Review – BluePrint Gaming

With the recent deal with BTG, Blueprint has the “Megaways” tool which improves slots payout and gameplay. But people feel they have overused this tool as of all their recent releases. They have been non-stop with releases since the deal. Their new game is called ‘ The Goonies‘ and is already out for global release. From the name you already know it is based off the old school classic movie released in 1985 and the slot reflects the movie well with its features and even the colourful design. Let’s take a look at the base game and wide variety of features.

Goonies Slot Review: Base Game

goonies base game

When you load the game, there is an animation of the characters coming on your screen, which shows off the theme. This slot has an RTP of 96% with 20 pay lines.  This game has so many features it’s easy to get confused. There are six main game features and six bonus game features!

In the base game, three keys will appear on your screen after a random spin. The name is the One-Eyed Willy feature; you can select six keys which are as follows.

key goonies

  • Sloths win spin – A spin that awards a big win.
  • Mouths Lucky Coins  – Gold coins added to reels, a random symbol is revealed for a win.
  • One-Eyed Willy’s bonus boost – Increased chance of landing the bonus.
  • Truffle Shuffle Wilds – Extra wilds added to reels.
  • Data’s Colossal Symbols – 3 reels turn into large reels adjacent to each other.
  • Mikey’s Hidden Riches – Reels turn into fully stacked wilds.

There are another two mini-features which trigger after a losing spin. One is a cave collapse which forms wins with symbol drops and the other is a scythe. The scythe offers an additional win.

Goonies Slot Review: Symbols

goonies symbols

For symbols, we have 4 low tier symbols which are J, Q, K and A.  Then Higher tier we have themed symbols of skeletons, treasure chests, ships and skull bones. There is a wild symbol which pays 500x for 5 across all reels.  Then a scatter for one-eyed Willy’s bonus.

Goonies Slot Review: Bonus Features

Three or more scatters will trigger the bonus feature. The wheel will spin with its six unique features, once it has landed on one you have the choice to gamble for a higher feature. But the chance is 50/50 and if you lose you get a mystery win prize which is the worse to land. This feature is very much like TED’s to help you understand. The highest feature is one-eyed Willy’s treasure as you can win 1000x, but I would typically gamble to a mid-ranged feature on the list. These are the six features you can land on the wheel;

Six Whole Bonuses!

goonies bonus

  • Fratelli Hideout Bonus – Three keys appear, you are given one of these 3 features. Cash prize, collect or hidden tunnel where you can trigger other bonus features.


  • Skeleton Organ Bonus – Organ keys are selected by the player and the game characters match it to a total bet multiplier. You need three keys to unlock an additional feature, but if you get crossbones, you lose a life. You are given three lives, but once all are lost you go back to the base game. There is also an upgrade icon that can be revealed to increase multipliers.


  • Super Sloth Free Spins – New reel set is added with villans if a sloth wild lands when a villain is on the reel, the villain symbols will transform into the top symbol. After the feature is done a set of chests appear, they contain extra spins, collect or the top feature one-eyed Willys treasure.


  • Goonies Go Wild Free Spins – New reel set is added, Top symbol transforms into a wild. After the feature is done chests appear and contain extra spins, collect to go back to the base game or the top feature one-eyed Willys treasure.


  • Inferno Free Spins – At the start of each spin, an inferno moves across the reels. This will transform 1-3 reels into wilds. After the feature is done a set of chests appear, they contain extra spins, collect or the top feature one-eyed Willys treasure.


  • One- Eyed Willy’s Treasure Bonus –  Values will spin and stop on random multipliers of your bet size; this continues until a booby trap is triggered.

Goonies Slot Review: Conclusion

Overall, this game is quite cluttered. Therefore, it feels that there are too many features to keep track of. Additionally, the game plays very similar to TED, with the bonus feature being nearly identical with the gamble feature and wheel. They did make the game feel like the classic movie well and used the license to their full potential. The game is medium volatility and plays well. I’m thankful the game doesn’t feature Megaways, as it feels like the feature has been overused. Overall, a very playable and entertaining slot, especially if you are a fan of the original movie.

Gameplay: 3/5

Volatility: 4/5

Bonus Game: 4/5