Post Published: May 10, 2019
Author: Aaron

Top 3 Push Gaming Slots Of All Time

Since Push Gaming just announced their new slot release, which is their first for months I decided to go down memory lane for Push Gaming slots. This provider has many slot releases that are now OG in the casino community, so here’s my top 3 list of Push Gaming Slots.

Top 3 Push Gaming Slot Releases No. 1: Jammin Jars

So Jamming Jars was initially released in September 2018, I managed to see screenshots for this slot very early on in 2018 and wasn’t phased by them. To me initially, it looked like a boring fruit grid game. But I was so wrong when the release date came up, within hours I saw big wins popping up and big hype. This game has simple multiplier mechanics which gives the most significant volatility I have ever seen in a push gaming slot ever. This slot is still hyped even months after release, and it doesn’t surprise me. There are so many big win videos for thousands of x from the free spins and even in the base game. This slot for sure deserves the top spot.

Top 3 Push Gaming Slot Releases No. 2: Fat Rabbit

So Fat Rabbit was initially released 27th March 2018, this slot wasn’t as excited at first as Fat Rabbit. Mainly due to no sneak peeks or screenshots coming up to the release date. This slot is unique and was the first of its kind down to mechanics used. In the bonus, the rabbit would collect carrots which is a simple mechanic seen in other various slots. But the rabbit expanding adds a whole new level of volatility! I loved this slot when it was released and played it a lot. But now it doesn’t seem as much in the community, yet still a Push Gaming Release. This slot deserves number 2.

Top 3 Push Gaming Slot Releases No. 3: Tiki Tumble

So Tiki Tumble was initially released in February 2018. I remember when this slot was initially released, and there wasn’t much hype around it. That is until I saw some big wins videos, mainly from well-known twitch streamers at the time. Tiki Tumble is a straightforward slot, paired with high volatility. With the unlimited multiplier in the bonus, you pray the moving wilds land to allow more spins and to allow the multiplier to grow. An exciting concept that deserves a spot in the list.


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