Post Published: May 17, 2020
Author: Chlo

Top 5 Big Time Gaming Slot Releases

Top 5 Big Time Gaming Slot Releases. Big Time Gaming is one studio who stands out from the others in the casino industry. The studio was first established back in 1996 and now has over 20 years experience. launching in 2011 and releasing their first slot in 2013 titled ‘Diamonds’. The company has now released 37 slots in total over the years, with more to be announced for 2020. Based in Sydney, Australia with their head office. Big Time Gaming is well known for the creation of Megaways, which is a well known innovative tool used in numerous slots by many different studios now years later. Megaways firstly appeared in ‘Queen Of Riches’, released in mid-2016.

The infamous Megaways mechanic is now licensed to various other studios, to use in their own slot creations. The first studio to broker a deal with Big Time Gaming was Blueprint Gaming in 2018. Various studios months later followed in their footsteps and more recently Pragmatic Play acquired the license in May 2020. Today we are going down memory lane and learning about my Top 5 Big Time Gaming Slot Releases of all time. These are my personal top picks based on everything which makes a game great and successful.

1 – Danger High Voltage (2017)

Danger High Voltage Big Time Gaming

Danger High Voltage was first released in mid-2017 and one slot that shocked the casino industry. The game is based on the hit song Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six released in 2002. Big Time Gaming used the soundtrack in the game itself and used the lyrics to help develop the visuals such as symbols. This new game showed insanely high volatility at the time of release, with a max win capped at 15,746x and set RTP of 95.67%. The main attraction is the eyecatching visuals and the two bonus features on offer. Danger High Voltage introduced a new experience to casino players, with new exciting gameplay and two bonus features both with the ability to drop a life-changing win.

Gates Of Hell awarded 7 free spins and randomly picked one symbol to turn into a sticky wild when it lands between reels 2-5. While High Voltage offered 15 free spins and a multiplier up to x66 to land on reels 2-5. Big Time Gaming had created a masterpiece, which is still one of the most played games in the industry and one of the studios most successful releases to date. Danger High Voltage is in my number 1 spot because of popularity which still grows 3 years later and unique gameplay experience.

2- Bonanza (2016)

Bonanza Megaways Big Time Gaming

Bonanza was first released in late 2016 and the second Big Time Gaming slot to include the revolutionary Megaways mechanic. This slot showed us a new reel setup, with 7 reels and an additional reel with 4 symbols above the original reel set. This extra reel would spin like a regular reel but allow more symbol combination opportunities. This extra reel is now a common choice within slots, particularly Megaways based games. One aspect that stood out within Bonanza was the difficulty in landing a bonus feature, by landing 4 scatters spelling out GOLD. With this bonus being difficult to land, it is worth the spins thanks to the high potential on offer. With a max win of 12,000x, set RTP of 96% and unlimited multiplier in the bonus feature. Landing a Bonanza bonus is one on every casino players bucket list, especially a bonus which pops off.

This game has visuals based on mining, with precious gems as premium symbols and mine carts which bring in symbols on the extra reel. The soundtrack is one which stays with you and plays on repeat as you spin. Even years later, this slot is still played and hyped up in the casino industry. Bonanza is in my number 2 spot due to the insane success and innovative aspects.

3 – Extra Chilli (2018)

Extra Chilli Big Time Gaming

Extra Chilli was first released in early 2018 and introduced bonus buys with the option to gamble for more spins to the casino industry. Within Extra Chilli you can purchase the bonus feature for 50x, this will award 8 free spins (+4 can land when triggered). You can either collect the 8 spins or gamble up to 12 spins, losing this gamble means you lose the bonus feature you have purchased. If you win the gamble you will be awarded the 12 spins. You can then gamble to 16, then 20 and then 24 which is the max. This new risk element was something the casino community loved, with more spins means a possible higher multiplier possibility.

Within the bonus feature, there is an unlimited multiplier, which increases by x1 for each symbol win. Combining Megaways, unlimited multipliers and a bonus gamble created a masterpiece. Extra Chilli introduced a new way to play slots and exciting gameplay to the industry. Also including a set RTP of 97.72% and a max win of 20,000x into the mix. Extra Chilli is in my number 3 spot because of the high variance and innovative creations.

4 – Queen Of Riches (2016)

Queen Of Riches Big Time Gaming

Queen Of Riches was first released in early 2016 and the first slot by the studio to incorporate the infamous Megaways mechanic. Which was such a revolutionary creation, which the industry is still using years later. At the time this was one of the most volatile games to be released to date. With a max win capped at 50,000x and set RTP of 96.9%. Another innovative mechanic is the ‘Reel Clone‘ feature, where reels will sync and display the same symbols. Combining all of this created such a fantastic slot. However, there is no bonus feature. Instead, we have the base game with the Reel Clone feature and full reel wilds with multipliers. With all of these elements, a bonus feature is not needed. Queen Of Riches is in my number 4 spot because it showed the industry new innovative creations and insanely high volatility.

5 – White Rabbit (2017)

White Rabbit Big Time Gaming

White Rabbit was first released in late 2017 and introduced ‘Bonus Buys’ to the casino industry. With visuals based on Alice In Wonderland, written by Charles Lutwidge in 1865. White Rabbit was the first slot to introduce the mechanic to buy the bonus feature. It costs 100x of your chosen bet to force the game to trigger the bonus. This game is a high variance game with a max win capped at 13,000x and set RTP of 97.24%. Along with Megaways being included.

The main attraction is, of course, the bonus feature, which awards 15 free spins. You will start with a random number of low Megaways. During spins look for cupcake symbols, which when they land will expand the reel it lands on by 1 row. Which will also increase the Megaways, increasing to the max of 12, which will award a retrigger. A wheel will spin and award 3 – 12 additional spins. The dream is the retrigger and a slow spin of the red lady premium, one on the bucket list. White Rabbit is in my number 5 spot because of the bonus buy success and unique qualities.