Post Published: May 14, 2020
Author: Chlo

Top 5 NetEnt Slot Releases

NetEnt is one of the top dogs in the casino industry, with over 338 games released and available to play on most casinos worldwide. NetEnt was first established back in 1996, with their headquarters based in Sweden and CEO Therese Hillman since 2018. The studio now has multiple offices around the globe and now over 1,000 employees. NetEnt bought studio Red Tiger Gaming in September 2019 for over 200 million, both studios work together on some projects but stay as separate studios still. With so many years in the industry and new games being released every month, some amazing games don’t shine like they used to. Plus there are new people discovering slots daily who will only see the newest being shown to them. Today we are going down memory lane and learning about my Top 5 NetEnt Slot Releases of all time. These are my personal top picks based on everything which makes a game great and successful.

1 – Dead Or Alive (2013)

Dead Or Alive Slot NetEnt Base Game Image

Dead Or Alive was first released back in late 2013 and still, one of the popular slot picks 7 years later. This game was revolutionary at the time, with such high variance on offer and a new excitement discovered within slots. With a win of up to 3,000x per spin in the bonus feature, this was the game everyone was playing in the casino community. A set RTP of 96.8% to match the max win, this was the most volatile game at the time of release.

With a wild west theme and beautifully crafted visuals, NetEnt had created a masterpiece. The dream is hitting the infamous wild line within the bonus for a jackpot of a win, one of the rarest hits and something for casino lovers bucket lists. Dead Or Alive is in my number 1 spot as it was so revolutionary and the studios first hit release.

2 – Dead Or Alive 2 (2019)

Dead Or Alive 2 NetEnt Slot Base Game

With the big success of the original game, NetEnt decided to create a sequel years later with the help of streamers in the casino community to master what the casino community desired. Released in early 2019 this game was so hyped up and big things were expected after teaser trailers and more information being released closer to the release date. In more recent news for this game, in May 2020 a feature buy was added to this game in an update. Not available to UK players, but to any country who allows bonus buys. The sequel was another masterpiece from the studio, with updated visuals and three bonus options you can choose from including the original.

The 3 options show different volatilites to choose from which was a great addition to suit all types of casino players. There were also changes in statistics, increasing the volatility even more! Dead Or Alive 2 is in my number 2 spot as it is a great sequel and shows even higher volatility in the modern era of slots.

3 – Secret Of The Stones (2013)

Secret Of The Stones MAX NetEnt Slot Base Game Image

Secret Of The Stones was first released in late 2013 and still a popular pick within the casino community. The game got a new update in February 2020, the ability to switch from the original game to the new MAX version. NetEnt introduced their MAX invention to help transform games into a high volatility version, with improves statistics. The ability to switch from the original to a new high variance option gave the game a second chance and opportunity to be popular 7 years later. The switch option also means it will suit more casino players preferences.

Both versions of this game are fantastic and in 2013 the game was innovative. The dream to pick the right stones to create a jackpot in the free spins, another one on casino lovers bucket lists. Secret Of The Stones is in my number 3 spot as the game was innovative and still such a great pick.

4 – Vikings (2018)

Vikings Slot Release NeEnt

Vikings was released in late 2018 and innovative creation by the studio. The game is based on the popular Vikings TV series which first aired in 2013, has 5 seasons and still running now. This slot became popular very quickly once released, the casino community were determined to play it and land the bonus feature. This bonus feature is so exciting to trigger, thanks to the insane potential on offer. The bonus feature is played on an expanded 7 reel by 5-row grid with increased bet ways. There is a max win of 10,000x on offer and a set RTP of 96. 05%. This game is one of the most volatile creations ever, with big potential also on offer in the base game. Vikings are in my number 4 spot as this slot is such an exciting one to play and the bonus feature is one you will never forget.

5 – Flowers (2013)

Flowers Slot Release NetEnt

Flowers was released in late 2013 and a fun creation by the studio. This game is still a popular choice in the casino community, thanks to the insane potential and exciting gameplay. Flowers is one very volatile game, with a max win of 15,000x and set RTP of 96.32%. At the time of release, this was one of the studios most volatile game, along with Dead Or Alive. This new burst of high volatility was revolutionary and something the studio brought to the industry. The bonus feature was the main attraction, with the addition of stacked wilds for some exciting gameplay and big win potential. The game was also re-released in 2015 with updated visuals for a Christmas edition. Flowers is in my number 5 spot as this game was one of the most volatile and still a fun pick 7 years later.