Post Published: August 4, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Totem Lightning Power Reels online slot review

Totem Lightning Power Reels online slot review- Red Tiger has a lot of slots on the way this year and some show Red Tiger is definitely improving in many aspects compared to the past few years. They had a big success with ‘Laser Fruit’ which had some insane potential compared to their less volatile slots which they were mainly known for. But now we do not know what slots to expect from them this year.

They have announced a sequel to their big hit slot ‘Totem Lightning’ which was originally released April 2017. This game has interesting features, big potential and has amazing gameplay. But they have decided over a year later the game needs to be expanded after its success. The new slot in the franchise ‘Totem Lightning power reels’ is being released 16th August on all sites.

base game

This version has reels of 8 by 6 which is a lot bigger than the original of 5 by 4. You can win up to 7,777x of your bet size which is some insane volatility from Red Tiger. The game has the original sound effects, symbols and even features but we will still be going through them.



So we have the original 9 symbols but the paytable is different from the original. Because the reels are bigger you have bigger potential with the symbols. This pay table is from £2 bet.


old symbols

So as you can see the paytable would originally only show how much you would win with x5 of the symbol. But in the new game, it displays the win potential of up to x8 symbols. In this version, there isn’t a jackpot feature of a bonus so it is just the big potential base game. Which I feel is an improvement from the old version as the bonus was difficult to even get 50x your bet.


symbol removal

Just like the original if you get a win with a lower tier symbol it will then be removed from all reels and be replaced by other falling symbols. If you keep getting continuous wins within the spin, of lower symbols you might manage to achieve all lower tier symbols being removed so then its just reels full of premiums for some big win potential. This feature is very good as it gives players the chance to get some nice hits and even just boost your balance to continue spinning. But it is annoying when you are one or even two symbols off all lower symbols being removed.

lightning strike

Again just like the original this feature will happen randomly within spins. This feature will light up symbols and either remove them for more symbols to drop onto the reels or clone them all into a symbol. This feature is useful to land some hits and could full up the screen with some premiums.

Overall I am really happy Red Tiger has improved this game, the original is great but improvement is always there. I feel this game is better than the original as the base game itself would pay more than the bonus. But on the new version, the base game with the two features is high volatility so I feel no bonus is needed. Overall

Gameplay- 4.5/5

Volatility- 4/5

Features- 4/5