Post Published: November 22, 2023
Author: Chlo

Wazdan Q&A

We recently had the chance to speak with well known provider Wazdan. With the recent Game Of The Year award at the SIGMA awards 2023, we were eager to delve into the providers success and discuss the future plans for the company. Read on to see what was discussed in this Wazdan Q&A ;

How would you describe Wazdan?

Wazdan is a global slot supplier known for seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into captivating gaming experiences. Our ability to craft forward-thinking products aligns seamlessly with the evolving preferences of today’s players. With a diverse portfolio boasting over 180 HTML5 games, we go beyond conventional gameplay, introducing innovative features like Cash Infinity™, Collect to Infinity™, and Chance Level™.

What truly sets Wazdan apart is its commitment to player empowerment through the Freedom of Choice™ suite, integrated into all of its titles. This unique feature allows players to exercise greater control over their gaming experience, tailoring it to meet their individual preferences and requirements.

How did Wazdan begin?

Our start in 2010 marked the collaborative effort of a team of gaming enthusiasts, driven by a common passion for innovation. Founded by individuals dedicated to creating content that transcends boundaries, Wazdan emerged with a commitment to delivering gaming experiences that truly stand out. From the outset, our focus has been on not just meeting but exceeding player expectations, ultimately boosting engagement and driving increased revenue for its partners. Wazdan’s growth in the industry is all down to its dedication to consistently delivering top-tier games and innovative mechanics, laying the foundation for its impressive reputation.

How do you stand out in the casino market?

We distinguish ourselves in the casino market by placing players at the forefront of our approach, which helps us stay on top of the innovation curve and meet current user requirements, by delivering products with highly desired features. Our commitment to empowering players is exemplified through the unique Freedom of Choice™ suite, providing users with a sense of control over their gaming experiences. Notably, features like the award-winning Mystery Drop™, the groundbreaking Jackpot Rain™ and our flagship Volatility Levels™ redefine the gaming landscape, offering players unprecedented opportunities for immersive and personalised gameplay.

Our portfolio also boasts flagship inventions such as Hold the Jackpot™, Collect to Infinity™, Cash Infinity™, and Chance Level™—innovative features that have swiftly become player favourites and delivered fantastic metric enhancements for our partners. These elements highlight our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding player expectations, setting us apart in the competitive casino market.

Which games are your favourite and most successful?

One favourite among players and myself is Mighty Wild™: Panther, a beloved slot in our portfolio. Its captivating jungle theme and exhilarating bonus rounds encapsulate everything players seek in a top-tier slot experience. It’s a personal favourite because it’s a testament to Wazdan’s ability to deliver on player expectations.

Another remarkable success story in our collection is the 9 Coins™ slot, released in July 2022. Its performance has been incredible, inspiring us to expand it into a game series. Titles like 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition, 12 Coins™, and 16 Coins™ have followed suit, each offering bigger jackpots and enhanced game mathematics. The popularity of these games is also down to the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round and the groundbreaking Cash Infinity™ mechanic, providing our partners with valuable opportunities to optimise revenue and elevate key metrics. These titles showcase our commitment to delivering games that not only generate enthusiasm but also provide substantial benefits for our partners.

What are your goals?

Our main goal at Wazdan is to keep growing our collaborative efforts with partners in regulated global markets. We are steadfast in our commitment to ongoing development, channelling our team’s energy into crafting cutting-edge games and features that promise a next-level gaming experience – and we’re looking forward to revealing more of these exciting products. Ultimately, our aim is to redefine player engagement by delivering the most captivating slots whilst solidifying our identity as a company dedicated to prioritising the needs of our customers – establishing a legacy that showcases our customer-centric ethos.

What would you like to say to our community?

We’d like to invite everyone to explore and enjoy our fantastic collection of slots, and if something catches your eye – let us know! I truly believe that our portfolio is so diverse and accessible that everyone will find something they love.

Thank you for this exciting opportunity!