Post Published: July 31, 2018
Author: Aaron


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

What happened to BTG?

So recently ‘Scientific Games’ finally completed the acquisition of ‘NYX gaming group’.  This initially started back in November but it is now finalized after all these months.  The only major change with this deal is BTG will now be under SG servers. So when you load any BTG game it will now have the SG loading screen because of this so what happened to BTG?


Ever since this change a lot of players have been having opinions on BTG’S volatility in slots. Of course, there is no proof of any changes to BTG’s slots while on SG’s servers. But all the slots seem very cold for a lot of streamers and casual players on the casino. Slots are down to luck but with so many people suddenly had opinions on BTG ever since the change before there weren’t many comments.

Now obviously this is mere speculation but can so many people all be having the same bad luck at the same time? Many people are still getting bonuses in the same sort of timescale as before but bonus rounds just don’t seem to pay.

I had 7 bonus rounds on Danger the other night from a long session I changed between 7-15 spins and not one paid more than 50x which seems very low, many people on my stream are also reporting very similar results.

Could SG games could have changed or tweaked some things now the slots are on their servers? but this is, of course, an ‘ if’.

We miss BTG’S volatility, what are your thoughts on this change?