Post Published: October 17, 2023
Author: Chlo


Scored by our Casino Expert Chloe

Witchy Poppins delivers an exceptional Halloween-themed experience, blending AvatarUX’s top-notch mechanics with the allure of a staggering 20,000x maximum win potential. This captivating mix presents an irresistible offering in the gaming realm, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts and seasonal players alike.

Witchy Poppins (AvatarUX) – Slot Review

Witchy Poppins Online Slots Casino New Bonus Volatile AvatarUX Pop Wins popwins

Embark on an eerie adventure in the bewitched woodland of Witchy Poppins, where sinister sorceresses guide you through enchanted territories. Set against the hauntingly serene night, the game’s backdrop features a spectral forest illuminated by the ghostly gleam of Jack-o’-lanterns, while witches lurk within the penumbral retreats. The reels bask in a supernatural aura, hosting intricately carved low-paying symbols alongside a colorful coven of Witch characters.

Transitioning into the Free Spins round, the scene undergoes a transformation, swapping the nocturnal gloom for a radiant orange luminescence, casting the once-shadowy realm in a captivating glow. AvatarUX has meticulously crafted the game’s visual elements, delivering a thematic masterpiece that aligns flawlessly with the impending season of frights and chills. The overall ambience and attention to detail promise a spellbinding journey perfect for enthusiasts of the supernatural and the macabre.

Witchy Poppins immerses players in a magical realm with its 5-reel, 3-row configuration, boasting 486 to 65,536 paylines. This high-variance slot game promises an RTP of 96.04%, with potential winnings reaching a cap of 20,000x the initial stake. Betting ranges are player-friendly, extending from £0.20 to £100.

Witchy Poppins Symbols & Pay Table

Witchy Poppins Online Slots Casino New Bonus Volatile AvatarUX Pop Wins popwins

The enchantment unfolds with 13 distinct symbols. The lower spectrum comprises classic icons: 10, J, Q, K, and A. Ascending in value, the game’s lore is carried by six premium symbols, each depicting witches in vibrant attire of Teal, Cyan, Green, Purple, Orange, and Red. Supplementing these are the transformative Wild and Bonus symbols. The Red Witch commands the premium hierarchy, rewarding players with a 6x win for five aligned across a payline. Wilds, confined to reels 2, 3, and 4, maintain their standard substitutive roles, excluding Scatters and Multiplier Special Symbols.

Witchy Poppins Features & Mechanics

Witchy Poppins Online Slots Casino New Bonus Volatile AvatarUX Pop Wins popwins

PopWins™ Mechanic

Unique to “Witchy Poppins,” winning symbols dynamically “Pop,” giving way to two new symbols and elevating reel height. This reconfiguration persists with consecutive wins. In the Base Game, reels can stretch to accommodate six symbols. If a reel at maximum expansion garners further wins, the winning symbol “Pops,” replacing itself with only one, maintaining the current height.

Nudge Feature

This whimsical element can spontaneously grace any spin within the base or bonus game. It tactically adjusts reels, nudging them to fortify wins or trigger bonuses, employing strategies like:

  • Invoking a Scatter Nudge to initiate bonuses or accrue free spins.
  • Expanding reel positions to activate the Unlock feature, primarily when one or two reels await full expansion.
  • Orchestrating Pay-Anywhere wins by nudging new symbols onto the board.
  • Conjuring a wild on the ceased reels to craft a win in the bonus game.

Multiplier Special Symbols

  • Multiplicative Multipliers: These random boon symbols, ranging from x2-x11, may materialize during any spin, particularly within the bonus game. They enhance the global multiplier, with a stipulation of one such symbol per spin or pop-spin.
  • Additive Multipliers: These symbols contribute additional wins, appearing randomly to escalate the global multiplier.

Pay Anywhere Symbol

Prior to the Bonus Game, players receive a fortuitous Pay Anywhere symbol, ensuring wins based on specialized rules.

Witchy Poppins Online Slots Casino New Bonus Volatile AvatarUX Pop Wins popwins

Free Spins

Three or more scatters conjure the Free Spins feature, with varying numbers of spins (5-9) awarded based on the scatter count. The magic intensifies on an expanded reel set, potentially growing to eight symbols high, with two extra spins rewarded upon full expansion. An ever-increasing multiplier begins at 1x, advancing with each symbol pop. Additionally, Multiplicative Multiplier Symbols can surge the Global Multiplier by 5 to 50x, persisting throughout the Free Spins. The Pay Anywhere Symbol, randomly selected, remains active, adhering to its specific pay table values. Adventurous players can access this feature directly, utilizing the Bonus Buy options ranging from 125x to 1,000x their bet.


Witchy Poppins stands out as an exemplary fusion of thematic witchcraft elements and AvatarUX’s signature mechanics, tailored exquisitely for this Halloween season. The game boasts an extensive array of features, notably special symbols like Multiplicative Multipliers and an engaging Free Spins segment. Complemented by a diverse assortment of Bonus Buy options, the game presents a rich tapestry of opportunities. This release continues the tradition of ‘Popping’ titles, offering a dynamic and thrilling experience teeming with enchantment and surprises, further solidifying its place in the seasonal lineup of must-play slots. Be sure to try out the game for yourself and check out our exclusive casino offers